CET = Central European Time (Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin)

Current discipline: Surf-Race & Surf-Freestyle
Judging Criteria: Dingle elimination. 
Wind: NW 20kts gusting to 25kts, forecasted to increase throughout the day. 



GWA Wingfoil World Cup Leucate 2021 at Mondial du Vent | Surf-Freestyle podium:
1. Titouan Galea (NCL)
2. Balz Müller (CHE)
3. Riccardo Zorzi (ITA)
1. Bowien van der Linden (NLD)
2. Olivia Piana (FRA)
3. Flora Artzner (FRA)

GWA Wingfoil World Cup Leucate 2021 at Mondial du Vent | Surf-Race podium:
1. Titouan Galea (NCL)
2. Balz Müller (CHE)
3. Camille Bouyer (FRA)
1. Olivia Piana (FRA)
2. Flora Artzner (FRA)
3. Bowien van der Linden (NLD)


02-05-2021 16:00: That’s a wrap for the GWA Wingfoil World Cup Leucate 2021 at Mondial du Vent! Many borders were crossed to get here, and boundaries were broken on the water. Everyone involved showing up at their 100 percent every step of the way. See you all on the next battlefield! Watch the space.

02-05-2021 14:40: Round 2 Semifinals: 

Heat 3 winners:

  1. H. Lopes
  2. J. Estredo
  3. J. Scalabrin
  4. G. Pugliese
  5. A. Zirnhelt
  6. S. Jourdant
  7. M. Chabloz
  8. T. Auber
  9. M. Ghio
  10. M. Robinson

02-05-2021 15:20: Round 2 Semifinals: 

Heat 2 winners:

  1. T. Galea
  2. C. Roseyro
  3. G. Pugliese
  4. H. Lopes
  5. J. Scalabrin
  6. Jul. Salmonn
  7. J. Bouyer
  8. J. Estredo
  9. A. Albeau
  10. A. Zirnhelt

02-05-2021 15:10: Round 2

Heat 1 winners:

  1. B. Müller
  2. B. Béryl
  3. C. Bouyer
  4. H. Marin
  5. R. Marca
  6. M. Guénolé
  7. F. Cappuzzo
  8. R. Zorzi
  9. B. Béryl
  10. F. Prevost

02-05-2021 15:00: Round 1

Heat 4 winners:

  1. T. Galea
  2. A. Albeau
  3. C. Roseyro
  4. Jul. Salmonn
  5. J. Bouyer
  6. Z. Maryzko
  7. P. Migliorini
  8. K. Voget
  9. S. Esteve

02-05-2021 14:40: Round 1

Heat 3 winners:

  1. H. Lopes
  2. J. Estredo
  3. J. Scalabrin
  4. G. Pugliese
  5. A. Zirnhelt
  6. S. Jourdant
  7. M. Chabloz
  8. T. Auber
  9. M. Ghio
  10. M. Robinson

02-05-2021 14:30: Round 1

Heat 2 winners:

  1. H. Marin
  2. B. Müller
  3. B. Béryl
  4. F. Prevost
  5. M. Foraster
  6. L. Pitot
  7. Jan. Salmonn
  8. N. Akgazciyan
  9. Y. Quilfen
  10. L. Carlier-Arquoit

02-05-2021 14:00: Round 1

Heat 1 winners:

  1. F. Cappuzzo
  2. C. Bouyer
  3. R. Marca
  4. R. Zorzi
  5. M. Guénolé
  6. P. Loustau-Lasplaces
  7. M. Auber
  8. N. Legier
  9. S.Roux
  10. C. Nonnot

02-05-2021 13:40: The judges have mirrored the Surf-Race course from yesterday to ensure a smooth end to the competition! Starting with the Men’s Final in 5 minutes.- 14.00 h!

02-05-2021 13:30: Skippers meeting is changed to 13.45 h. First possible start 14.00 h

02-05-2021 12:45: The action is not over! Races are still to come! Grab a quick bite to eat and tune back in for the next possible start of the Ladies second elimination at 13.00 pm. 

02-05-2021 12:40:

coming from Germany Mr T. Taudien takes 4th  place!

The youngest member on tour R. Zorzi flying his way into 3rd. 

The steezy Swissman B.Muller spinning his way to 2nd!

The king of the Battlefield is the backflipping warrior T.Galea!!!


02-05-2021 12:35: In 4th position Coming all the way from Brazil, M.Witts! 

Very very close in between these ladies in 3rd position Local, F. Artzner!

In 2nd position making the nation proud with a second podium, O.Piana! 

And the Surf-Freestyle champion of 2021…B. Van de Linder!

02-05-2021 12:30: The riders are circling the podium for the crowning that’s happening as you read this!

02-05-2021 12:23: Titouan tweaking toeside with style and ease with a final rotation in the last 10 seconds of the heat! The New Caledonian just tweaked his way to the top of the Mondial du Vent 2021! We have our King!

02-05-2021 12:21:What a beauty of a FS3 from Titouan! Looks like the warmth is in his favor! 

02-05-2021 12:20: Balz went for a huge inverted, looked like he was going double, but tip over toes for the Swissman.

02-05-2021 12:15: Our 2 men Balz (SWI) & Titouan (NCA)  from opposite corners of the globe meet once again to battle it out against themselves and Mother Nature. As the green flag rise so did Titian! Blaz rotating heads shortly after with his backside rotation. What a show. Riders synchronizing huge performance for the lucky crew on the shores here. Clean as a whistle for the New Caledonian. 

02-05-2021 12:05: Olivia started strong with an incredible FS3, but consistency is key when reaching high, young & wise Bowen certainly proved that here on her climb to the crown. She will be taking it home today!

02-05-2021 12:00: The tension is high on the water as we commence the Women’s final! Both of these queens deserve a crown. But there is only one of them today. And it’s placed nice and high, so whoever wants it better reach for it! 

02-05-2021 11:50: The Climax is approaching as Gallea and Muller battled their way to the tops once again! Fighting for third and fourth place; Taudien & Zorzi! It’s going to be a crazy final here folks. 

02-05-2021 11:30: Looks Like Piana & Van der Linden will be back where they started in the final to face each other once again! It was extremely close last time, let’s see if Piana saved some of that extra spice. 

02-05-2021 11:15: Multiple Stand up Paddling champion Olivia Piana is back on the water smoothly landing 2 out of 3 tricks so far! She’s definitely got her eye on another title today. You can tell this is not her first rodeo!

02-05-2021 10:35: We’re already on the last heat of round 4, the guys are slicing the air like baguettes with their wings as they speed up and down the box. Balz just passed his way to with his Backside 3 Wingpass, making it through to the semi-finals

02-05-2021 10:04: Titiuan is turning heads again with his famous backflips! Our necks are starting to hurt here man! But oh does it satisfy our eyes…

02-05-2021 9:40: That was a HUGE backside 360 from monsieur Aubert! He’s back on the water folks, let’s see if he pulls another frontflip today!

02-05-2021 9:40: It’s a whole other story to watch this sport when the sun is out. With the glare of the sun on their wings, the riders appear as if dancing around like butterflies in the sky. It’s truly astonishing.

02-05-2021 9:35: Zorzi kicked off round 4 of the men’s Surf-freestyle with a silky smooth BS3 gliding off like butter on the water.

02-05-2021 9:30: The vibe is alive here this morning, the sun is shining, the wind is blowing and women are all stoked with their morning spin. Smiles spread across the shore here in sunny Leaucate. 

02-05-2021 9:15: The ladies have the crew cheering from the shores here as they fly through the heats! 

02-05-2021 8:50: Well if they weren’t awake before that heat certainly woke us up! That was a toe clenching close heat between  Piana & Van der Linden. But Piana whipped out that FS3, giving her the extra spice she needed to score the win.

02-05-2021 8:40: Looks like Flora was hungry for it this morning! Kicking the competition off with a high score of 15.79, what an amazing start to the day!

02-05-2021 8:30: 3, 2,1, and we’re ON! Flora and Maaike will be waking us up today. Let’s see which one of them is more of a morning bird.

02-05-2021 8:25: Good morning here from the shores of sunny Leucate! It’s a beautiful clear morning here, with a cold Tramontana chill blowing through the air. The Ladies are up and at it, keeping warm as they pump up and get ready for action!

The judges are sticking to the Dingle elimination criteria. 

This means nobody is eliminated in round 1. The winner of the heat goes straight to round 3, and the 2nd and 3rd places both have another chance in round 2

There will be 6-minute heats with 3-minute transitions. 

The women will have a maximum of 15 trick attempts, and the judges will count the best 3. 

The motivation is high here this morning, as the first riders are getting in the water for their heat. set your 1-minute countdown!

Heat begins at 8:30 !

01-05-2021 18:30: That’s a wrap for today folks! The riders are released, after a long wet day here in Leucate. They need to rest their body after 11 hours of heat & cold therapy they endured over the rounds. The judges want to ensure we keep the performance & innovation high for tomorrow’s finals.

And it looks like the sun will be out for the Ladies to shine!

Skippers meeting 8.00 am, first possible start 8.30 am (CET) – See you there! 

01-05-2021 18:20: Heat 48: 

01-05-2021 18:15: Heat 47: 

01-05-2021 18:00: Heat 46: 

01-05-2021 17:55: Heat 45:

01-05-2021 17:50: Heat 44:

01-05-2021 17:40: Heat 43:

01-05-2021 17:30: Heat 42:

01-05-2021 17:20: Heat 41:

01-05-2021 17:00: Heat 40:

Titouan continues to flip his way up and over breaking his previous backflip score with a staggering 8.67! 

01-05-2021 16:50: Heat 39:

01-05-2021 16:40: Heat 38:

01-05-2021 16:30: Heat 37:

01-05-2021 16:20: Heat 36:

01-05-2021 16:12: Heat 35:

01-05-2021 16:12: Heat 34:

01-05-2021 16:00: Heat 33:

Golito takes the win with an impressively tweaked FS3! 

01-05-2021 16:00: Round three has begun!

01-05-2021 15:59: Heat 32:

01-05-2021 15:59: Heat 31: 

01-05-2021 15:57: Heat 30: 

01-05-2021 15:53: Heat 29: 

01-05-2021 15:50: Heat 28: 

01-05-2021 15:45: Heat 27:

01-05-2021 15:40: Heat 26:

01-05-2021 15:35: Heat 25:

01-05-2021 15:30: Heat 24:

01-05-2021 15:25: Heat 23:

01-05-2021 15:20: Heat 22:

01-05-2021 15:20: Heat 21:

01-05-2021 15:15: Heat 20:

01-05-2021 15:15: Heat 19:

01-05-2021 15:10: Heat 18:

01-05-2021 15:05: Heat 17:

01-05-2021 15:00: We made it through Round 1! The men to battle it out in their second chance. The time is now! 

01-05-2021 14:50: Heat 16:

01-05-2021 14:40: Heat 15:

01-05-2021 14:30: Heat 14:

01-05-2021 14:20: Heat 13:

01-05-2021 14:10: Heat 12:

01-05-2021 14:07: Heat 11: 

01-05-2021 14:02: Heat 10: 

01-05-2021 13:40: Heat 9:

01-05-2021 13:36: Galea just flipped the judges out with one of his famous backflips scoring a 7.57, the highest score of the day! It’s not easy in these conditions folks! 

01-05-2021 13:35: Heat 8:

01-05-2021 13:27: Heat 7:

01-05-2021 13:20: Heat 6:

01-05-2021 13:10: Heat 5:

01-05-2021 13:00: Heat 4:

01-05-2021 12:55: Bouyer spins through to the 3rd round, topping Estredos FS3 with the highest score so far- 5.83! Looks like that’s the athlete’s favorite trick for these conditions.

01-05-2021 12:50: Heat 3:

01-05-2021 12:45:  Heat 2:

01-05-2021 12:40: G. Estredo takes the win with a massive FS3, progressing to round 3!

01-05-2021 12:30: First heat has begun! 

Riders in the water: 

01-05-2021 12:20: For the Surf-Freestyle judging criteria, they have decided on using the Dingle elimination. 

This means nobody is eliminated in round 1. The winner of the heat goes straight to round 3, and the 2nd and 3rd places both have another chance in round 2

There will be 6-minute heats with 3-minute transitions. 

The riders will have a maximum of 15 trick attempts, and the judges will count the best 4. 

01-05-2021 12:00: The wind continues to howl, it’s time for the Men’s Surf-Freestyle to begin!  The riders are keeping warm in the water until the skippers meeting at 12.15 pm, with the first possible start announced at 12.30 pm!  

01-05-2021 11:30: We now have our Surf-Race Finalists: 

Top 10 Men: 

  1. T. Galea
  2. B. Müller
  3. C. Bouyer
  4. M. Chabloz
  5. J. Estredo
  6. F. Cappuzzo
  7. H. Marin
  8. J. Bouyer
  9. K. Voget
  10. L. Carlier-Arquoit

Top 10 Women

  1. O. Piana
  2. B. van de Linden
  3. F. Artzner
  4. P. Novotna
  5. M. Huvermann
  6. M.Witt
  7. C. Cornez
  8. M. Mattia

01-05-2021 11:22:  The top 3 finalists are: 

  1. O. Piana
  2. B. van de Linden
  3. F. Artzner

01-05-2021 11:20: The green flag is up and all the girls are in the water ready to fly! 

Women’s Finalist:

  1. M. Mattia
  2. M. Huvermann
  3. P. Novotna
  4. O. Piana
  5. F. Artzner
  6. B. van de Linden
  7. C. Cornez
  8. M. Witt

01-05-2021 11:17: The judges have decided to only run one round of the Women’s Surf-race, as they want to take advantage of the gnarly conditions for freestyle!

01-05-2021 11:15: We now have the first men’s Surf-Race elimination round, Winners!

  1. T. Galea
  2. B. Muller
  3. C. Bouyer

01-05-2021 11:00: “We’re about to start the finals,  all have to change down to smaller wings! The wind picked up its gnarly! Strong gusts! It’s crazy, it’s a fast course, strong winds… ooooh I’m excited.”- Reported from our shivering previous champion Balz Muller (CHE) himself!

01-05-2021 10:50: We’re speeding through the heats this morning, the looser finalist are in the water racing their way up to the finish line!

01-05-2021 10:45: We now have the Men’s Loosers and Winners: 

Losers final: 

  1. Y. Quilfen
  2. T. Auber
  3. J. Scalabrin
  4. H. Lopes
  5. P. Migliorini
  6. N. Legier
  7. M. Guénolé
  8. B. Béryl
  9. C. Roseyro
  10. M. Guénolé

Winners Final: 

  1. C. Bouyer
  2. J. Estredo
  3. B. Müller
  4. M. Chabloz
  5. L. Carlier-Arquoit
  6. T. Galea
  7. H. Marin
  8. F. Cappuzzo
  9. L. Carlier-Arquoit
  10. J. Bouyer


01-05-2021 10:40: The green flag is up, semi-finals have begun!

01-05-2021 10:30: The rain is pouring, the wind is picking up and the round 1 winners advancing to round two are pumping smaller Wings as we speak. 

Round 1 semifinalists: 

Heat 1: 

  1. Camile Bouyer
  2. H. Lopez
  3. M. Chabloz
  4. J. Scalabrin
  5. P. Miglorini

Heat 2: 

  1. B.Muller
  2. J.Estredo
  3. T.Auber
  4. Y.Quilfen
  5. L. Carlier-Arquoit

Heat 3: 

  1. K. Voget
  2. F. Cappuzzo
  3. T.Auber
  4. M. Guénolé
  5. N. Legier

Heat 4: 

  1. T. Galea
  2. H. Marin
  3. J. Bouyer
  4. C. Roseyro
  5. B. Béryl

01-05-2021 10:20: Advancing to the Semi-finals:

  1. T. Galea
  2. H. Marin
  3. J. Bouyer
  4. C. Roseyro
  5. B. Béryl

01-05-2021 10:15: Heat 4 riders in the water: 

01-05-2021 10:05: It’s been a tough morning here in Leucatte. We were not expecting torrential rains. With no shelter, the riders are finding shelter beneath their Wings. 

01-05-2021 10:00: Advancing to the Semi-finals:

  1. K. Voget
  2. F. Cappuzzo
  3. T.Auber
  4. M. Guénolé
  5. N. Legier

01-05-2021 09:55: Heat 3 riders in the water: 

01-05-2021 09:50: Advancing to the next round:

  1. B.Muller
  2. J.Estredo
  3. T.Auber
  4. Y.Quilfen
  5. L. Carlier-Arquoit

01-05-2021 09:35:  Heat 2 riders in the water: 

01-05-2021 09:30 Camile Bouyer took the lead! With 2nd H. Lopez, 3rd M. Chabloz, 4th J. Scalabrin and 5th P. Miglorini right behind them! 

01-05-2021 09:20 The temperature is low but the heat is high on the water! The first 10 riders are racing their way down the course! 

Riders in the water: 


01-05-2021 09:00 After checking the racecourse the head judge & race director agreed on the same setup they put together the previous day, ensuring a smooth & speedy start to today’s competition. 

They will start with the Gentlemen, planning to run the entire elimination round and crown the surf-race king today. The course is separated into three short parts separated by two buoys. Don’t let the distance fool you. The course may appear short, but it is equally as potent! Especially the second half!

Throughout the course, the riders will find themselves in favor of the wind, against and even a part where they cannot use their wing at all. They have to cross by pumping. 


01-05-2021 08:28 It’s a very wet morning here in Leucate, with a thrilling 8 degrees Celsius, the perfect temperature to chill the rider’s nerves before their heats.  The conditions are looking promising, and this time I’m reporting this to you in my windbreaker so you can take my word for it! Riders are suited up with an extra layer or two studying the racecourse as you read this! First possible start at 9.00 am! Stay tuned.


30-04-2021 16:00 Once again the wind teased the riders all day. The judges have released the anxious riders to ensure they keep their energy for tomorrow’s potent forecast! Everyone is looking forward to it. The action-deprived athletes are craving to show some action tomorrow, so stay tuned for D-day. Early skippers meeting at 8.00 h with a first possible (very likely) start at 9.00 h. See you there!

Skippers meeting tomorrow 9.00 am with a first possible start at 10.00 am. Fingers crossed!

30-04-2021 15:00 Next announcement 15.30 h, first possible start 16.00 h

30-04-2021 14:00 Still playing the waiting game here. The sun is still shining but things are looking slightly dull here on the wind front. The next call will be at 14.30 h, first possible start 15.00 h

30-04-2021 13:00 The riders are restoring their energy on the beach whilst on hold for the next possible start at 14.00 h

30-04-2021 12:30 The riders were out in the water ready to start but the wind taunted us once again. The heat has been postponed. Next announcement; 13.00 h, first possible start 13.30 h. 

30-04-2021 12:15 The sun is out and the wind is persisting enough to kick off the official competition with the first Surf-race! Riders Ricardo Zorzi,  Antoine Albeu & Golito Estredo get ready for their first heat at 12.30. The action has begun, stay tuned!

30-04-2021 11:30 Still waiting on the wind. Next announcement 12.00 h, first possible start moving to 12.30 h

30-04-2021 11:00 The course is set & riders are warming up in the water. Everyone is ready to go as soon as the wind picks up! Next call; 11.30 first possible start moving to 12.00h

30-04-2021 10:15 The wind is looking promising as the judges set up the racecourse. Riders are getting ready for action whilst waiting on the next call; 10:30h,  with a first possible start at 11.00h!

30-04-2021 9:30 Morning everyone! It’s our first sunny start here in Leucate! With a slight breeze in the trees blowing hope through the air during this morning skippers meeting. Riders are told to remain alert for the calls. Judges plan to start the competitions today with Surf-Racing “no rules”. Our next announcement will be at 10.00 am, with a first possible start at 11.00 am. Stay tuned! 


29-04-2021 17:30 Although the sun was out, the winds never reached the shores of Leucate. Looks like this will be the last call of the day. Unfortunately, it was another windless day but the forecast looks promising for the weekend. Skippers meeting tomorrow 9.00 am with a first possible start at 10.00 am. Fingers crossed!

29-04-2021 17:00 Next call; 17.30 pm, first possible start; 18.00 pm.

29-04-2021 16:30 The blue patches continue to tease us. Next call; 17.00 pm, first possible start; 17.30 pm.

29-04-2021 16:00 The waiting game continues. Next call at 16.30 pm. First possible start at 17.00 pm.

29-04-2021 15:00 Still towing. Next call at 15.30 pm. First possible start at 16.00 pm.

29-04-2021 14:20  Things are starting to brightening up here! Blue skies are peeping through the clouds and there are signs of wind creeping in from the mountains. The riders are out towing about, getting warmed up on the water.  Stay tuned, the next announcement for the official competition will be at 15.00 pm with a first possible start at 15.30 pm!

29-04-2021 13:00 The wind is still keeping us on standby here, but that’s not stopping the riders from getting in the water. They are getting ready for a tow-in session as we speak and will be starting at 14:00 pm. If the wind picks up everyone will be ready at the beach to kick off the competition. 

29-04-2021 10:00 Next announcement at 12.00 am, first possible start 13.00 pm.

29-04-2021 9:00 Good morning everyone from our cloudy headquarters here in Leucate! It looks like it will be a slow start today here at Mondial du Vent. The wind has yet to wake up, but the riders are taking advantage of this time to make suggestions for the judging criteria and everyone is getting on the same page before they hit the water. 

Next announcement at 11.00 am, first possible start 12.00 am. Stay tuned! 


28-04-2021 17:25 That’s it for today, everyone.  Unfortunately, it looks like the clouds have won the battle with the wind. Skippers meeting will be held at the registration hut tomorrow morning 9 am sharp; first possible start 10am! See you there. 

28-04-2021 16:30 Riders are about to hit the water for a quick tow-in session to get warmed up, as there is not enough wind to start the competition. Tune into @wingfoilworldtour stories for the behind-the-scenes action. 

28-04-2021 16:00 Next call 5pm. First possible start at 6 pm. 

28-04-2021 15:00 Unfortunately the clouds remain to battle the wind here. Next call 4pm. First possible start at 5pm. Fingers crossed!

28-04-2021 14:00 Next call 3pm. First possible start at 4pm. 

28-04-2021 13:00 Still waiting for the wind here. The next call will be at 2pm & first possible start at 3pm. 

28-04-2021 11:30 First skippers meeting of the day done & heat draws taken. Still waiting on the cloud coverage to clear & wind to kick in to decide the Judging Criteria. Next announcement at 1pm & first possible start 2pm.

28-04-2021 09:30 Registration is now closed. With 39 men + 7 women registered for surf freestyle & 39 men + 8 women registered for surf race; we have a total of 52 riders registered for this event, from 15 different nationalities spread across generations & disciplines! Skippers meeting underway.

28-04-2021 09:00 Good morning everyone and welcome to the first-ever GWA Wingfoil World Cup, hosted on the beautiful beach of La Franqui, Leucate, France! Registration is scheduled for 09:00 with skippers meeting 10:30 and first possible start 12:00.

We’ll be coming with more updates very soon.