CET = Central European Time (Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin)

Current discipline: Race
Judging Criteria:  Race
Wind Conditions: 
15-20 knots

06-11-2021 15:00 That’s all the action from here in Dakhla, Morocco. Thanks for tuning in this week, and we look forward to our next event in Fortaleza, Brazil in two weeks time.

06-11-2021 14:36 Titouan Galea takes another win for Elimination 5! Mathis Ghio was hot on his heels for 2nd, and Hugo Marin in 3rd.

06-11-2021 14:25 Lillian Juppet takes the win of the Small Final of elimination 5.

06-11-2021 14:20 Fiona Wylde takes yet another win, followed by Bowien in 2nd and Orane in 3rd.

06-11-2021 14:05 Titouan takes the win for Semi-Final 2, even having time to land a back-flip on the last reach. He is followed by Hugo Marin and Camille Bouyer.

06-11-2021 13:58 Mathis Ghio wins Semi-Final 1, Francesco Capuzzo makes an amazing recovery to come in 2nd.

06-11-2021 13.49 Fiona goes down on the final reach of Elimination 8, and Orane Cerise takes the win, followed by Bowien in 2nd and Paula in 3rd. 

06-11-2021 13.41 Men’s Final – Titouan Galea takes another win, followed closely by Mathis Ghio and Francesco Capuzzo

06-11-2021 13:25 Men’s small final – Malo Guenole takes the win.

06-11-2021 13:20 Fiona takes the win for Women’s 7th Elimination, followed by Paula Novotna and Oren Cerise.

06-11-2021 13:00 Mathis Ghio passes through in 1st for 2nd Semi-Final, followed by Hugo Marin , Camille Bouyer.

06-11-2021 12:45 Titouan Galea takes the win of men’s semi-final 1, followed by Francesco Capuzzo

06-11-2021 12:00 Get ready as we are starting shortly!

06-11-2021 11:35 The wind is absolutely pumping! Better get ready for some crazy racing today! Next call at 12:00

06-11-2021 11:00 We are waiting for the tide to come up a bit higher, and then set the racecourse. 

06-11-2021 10:37 Good morning from Dakhla! For this last day of competition we have moved to PK25 Hotel Dakhla, on the lagoon. Skipper’s meeting is now underway.


CET = Central European Time (Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin)

Current discipline: Race
Judging Criteria:  Race
Wind Conditions: 
15-20 knots

05-11-2021 17.47 That’s it for today! Join us tomorrow as we move lagoon side for a final day of racing action! 

05-11-2021 17.45 It was a spectacular win for Bowien van der Linden for Women’s Elimination 6! 2nd place for Fiona Wylde, 3rd Marcela Witt, 4th Paula Novotna and 5th Orane Cerise.

05-11-2021 17:25 Mathis Ghio takes the wind for the 3rd Elimination, followed by Titouan Galea and Francesco Capuzzo.

05-11-2021 17:20 General recall as Fabian Muhmenthaler goes over early.

05-11-2021 17:13 Men’s Mini final is won by Fernando Novaes followed by Julien Bouyer, Sebastian Jourdant and Lillian Juppet.

05-11-2021 16:50 Women’s Elimination 5 – Tight final reach, were Bowien van der Linden managed to take the win, with Fiona Wylde in 2nd, Orane Cerise in 3rd, Paula Novotna in 4th and Marcela in 5th. 

05-11-2021 16.44 Titouan Galea wins Men’s Semi-Final 2, Malo Guenole in 2nd, Camille Bouyer 3rd and Fabian Muhmenthaler in 4th

05-11-2021 16.32 Semi-final 1 Mathis Ghio takes the win.

05-11-2021 16.25 General recall for Men’s Semi-final 1

05-11-2021 16:15 We are about to get started with Men’s Elimination 3. 

05-11-2021 15:50 We are adjusting the course to prepare for Men’s Elimination 3.

05-11-2021 15:40 Women’s Elimination 4 – Yet another win for Fiona Wylde, followed by Bowien van der Linden, Paula Novotna, Orane Cerise and Marcela Witt.

05-11-2021 15:31 Men’s Elimination Two Final Result – 1st Titouan Galea, 2nd Hugo Marin, 3rd Francesco Capuzzo

05-11-2021 15:21 Mens Elimination Final coming up

05-11-2021 15:18 Men’s Elimination Two Small Final – Hendrick Lopes takes the win.

05-11-2021 15:06 Fiona takes the win for the 3rd elimination of the day. Paula was in 2nd but went down in the last moments. 

05-11-2021 14:54 Great racing from Mathis Gio who overtakes Titouan in the final moments to take the win of this 2nd Semi-Final. Titouan comes through 2nd, and Hugo Marin 3rd. 

05-11-2021 14:45 Results semi-final 1 – 1st Francesco Capuzzo, 2nd Camille Bouyer, 3rd Malo Guenole, 4th Julien Bouyer

05-11-2021 14:42 Francesco Cappuzo passes through in 1st for Men’s 2nd elimination Heat 1

05-11-2021 14:15 Women’s Elimination 2 – 1st Fiona Wylde, 2nd Bowien van der Linden, 3rd Orane Cerise.

05-11-2021 14:00 Men’s final sees Titoun Galea first across the finish, followed by Francesco Capuzzo, Camille Bouyer and Mathis Ghio.

05-11-2021 13:47  Men’s Small Final completed, First through the finish is Fernando Novaes, followed by Fabian Muhmanteler, Hendrick Lopes and Seb Jourdant.

05-11-2021 13:44 Women’s race completed. 1st through the finis is 1st Bowien van der Linden, followed by Fiona Wylde, Paula Novotna, Orane Cerise and Marcella Witt. 

05-11-2021 13:34 Results Race 2 – 1st Francesco Capuzzo, 2nd Titouan Galea, 3rd, Malo Guenole

05-11-2021 13:27 Results Race 1 – 1st Mathis Ghio, 2nd Camille Bouyer, 3rd Hugo Marin, 4th, Julien Bouyer

05-11-2021 13:23 Wind is approximately 15 – 20 knots

05-11-2021 13:17 Red flag is up and we are going into sequence.

05-11-2021 13:00 Heat 1 are heading out on the water. 

05-11-2021 12:40 We are making some adjustments to the course. First possible start at 13:00.

05-11-2021 11:47 The course has been set. Next call is at 12, with the first possible start at 12:30pm.

05-11-2021 11:38 The heat order will be : Men’s Heats 1 and 2, Then Women’s Heat, followed by Men’s Small Final and finally Men’s Winner’s Final. 

05-11-2021 10:30 Good morning from Dakhla! Are you ready for today’s racing action? Skippers meeting will take place at 11am.



CET = Central European Time (Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin)

Current discipline: Surf/Freestyle
Judging Criteria:  Flow/linking manoeuvres, speed and power.
 10 wave attempts – 2 waves counting  – 18 minute heats

04-11-2021 18:35 Final results : Men – 1st Hugo Marin, 2nd Julien Bouyer, 3rd Camille Bouyer, 4th Fernando Novaes.

Women: 1st Fiona Wylde, 2nd Bowien van der linden, 3rd Paula Novotna, 4th Orane Cerise.

04-11-2021 18.34 That was the final heat of the day! We now move over to the prize giving. Don’t forget that we will be back tomorrow with the Race discipline! Thanks for tuning in.

04-11-2021 18:20 Camille Bouyer wins over Fernando Novaes

04-11-2021 18:05 Paula Novotna takes the 3rd place here in Dakhla, winning the small final.

04-11-2021 17.54 We apologise to our live-stream viewers as we are experiencing another power cut.

04-11-2021 17.47 Congratulations to Hugo Marin who takes the win for the men!

04-11-2021 17.35 We are back! Tune into the live-stream for the last 3 minutes of this heat.

04-11-2021 17:32 The heat is still underway. There are still 8 minutes left in this heat.

04-11-2021 17.30 We apologise to everyone who was watching our live-stream. The power has gone right in the middle of the men’s final between Hugo Marin and Julien Bouyer.

04-11-2021 17:19 Women’s finals are complete and Fina Wylde takes the win here in Dakhla!

04-11-2021 16:30 Julien Bouyer advances over Fernando Novaes to the final

04-11-2021 16.13 Hugo Marin advances to the finals over Camille Bouyer.

04-11-2021 15:49 Our first semi-final of the day is in the water. First up is Camille Bouyer vs Hugo Marin. We are running 20 min heats.

04-11-2021 15:00 We are on standby. We hope to start shortly.

04-11-2021 14:45 Next call 15:00

04-11-2021  14:00 We are still waiting for the wind to increase.

04-11-2021 13:00 Next call will be 1.30pm with a first possible start at 2pm.

04-11-2021 12:47 A small update about the RACE discipline: There are 19 men and 5 women registered for this discipline. There will be two mens heats, one of 9 men and one of 10. The top 5 of each heat will advance into the final. For the women, all 5 will compete together in one heat.

04-11-2021 12:39 Next call will be at 1pm. Still on hold.

04-11-2021 12:00 he wind is still not suitable. Riders have now been briefed on the course set for racing this afternoon.

04-11-2021 11:00 The wind conditions are not quite there yet. We will be holding another skipper’s meeting shortly to discuss the Race Discipline which will also be starting hopefully later today.

04-11-2021 10:00 We are on standby here waiting for the suitable conditions to get started! Today we will be heading into the Men’s Semi-Finals and both the Men’s and Women’s Finals! The action is going to be ON!


CET = Central European Time (Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin)

Current discipline: Surf/Freestyle
Judging Criteria:  Flow/linking manoeuvres, speed and power.
 10 wave attempts – 2 waves counting  – 18 minute heats

03-11-2021 19:29 Fiona Wylde will join Bowien tomorrow in the finals! That’s it for today, and we will be back tomorrow with a 9am first possible start. Thanks for tuning in!

03-11-2021 19:00 Bowien van der Linden beats Paula Novotna, and secures her spot in the final.

03-11-2021 18:49 We are blasting our way through the heats! Women’s Heat 4, Orane Cerise advances over Marcela Witt.

03-11-2021 18:30 Julien Bouyer grabs the last spot in the semi-finals beating Malo Guenole.

03-11-2021 18:06 Fernando Novaes advances through to the semi-finals.

03-11-2021 17:40 Hugo Marin defeats Francesco Capuzzo for a spot in the Semi-Finals

03-11-2021 17:15 We are back to the Men’s Quarter Finals, and Camille Bouyer wins the first heat against Chucho Nonnot.

03-11-2021 17:00 Fantastic Heat 2 for the Women, as Fiona Wylde sets some very solid scores and advances through in first position.

03-11-2021 16:39 The first Women’s Heat of the competition is won by Paula Novotna who advances directly to the Semi-Finals.

03-11-2021 16:15 Young rider Malo Guenole knocks out Titouan Galea from Round 3!

03-11-2021 15:57 Julien Bouyer also advances to the Quarter Finals. Conditions are pumping!

03-11-2021 15:30 The heats are running smoothly. Advancing to the Quarter Finals  so far we have Fernando Novaes and Jerome Cloetens.

03-11-2021 14:42 …and it’s ON again! Starting with Heat 22 – Clement Colmas vs Fernando Novaes

03-11-2021 14:16 It’s OFF! AP flag has gone up, the wind is not strong enough yet.

03-11-2021 14:11 It’s ON! Men’s Round 3, Heat 21 – Jerome Cloetens vs Fabian Muhmenthaler

03-11-2021 13:40 It looks like we will be starting shortly, stay tuned!

03-11-2021 12:15 Next call will be at 12:45

03-11-2021 11:46 The wind is light. Next call at 12:00

03-11-2021 11:30 Next call 11.45

03-11-2021 11:00 Next call will be at ll:15. The conditions are not quite there yet.

03-11-2021 10:30 We are waiting for the wind to pick up a little bit. Next announcement shortly.

03-11-2021 09:50 Riders are getting ready. Next announcement will be a 10:15.

03-11-2021 09:45 The skipper’s meeting is currently underway, they are discussing the conditions and the plan for today.

03-11-2021 09:00 Good morning and welcome to Day 2 of the GWA Wingfoil World Cup Morocco! We are just getting ready here. Skipper’s meeting is at 9.30 am with a first possible start at 10.15. We hope to go live as soon as we start.



CET = Central European Time (Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin)

Current discipline: Surf/Freestyle
Judging Criteria: For Tricks: Height/power/riskfactor  For Waves: Flow/linking manoeuvres, speed and power.
 10 wave attempts – 2 waves counting / 5 trick attempts – 1 trick counting


02-11-2021 18:51 There has not been an improvement in the conditions. That’s it for today. Skipper’s meeting has been called for 9.30 am tomorrow, with a first possible start at 10am. We hope to go live right away.

02-11-2021 18:30 We are still waiting for an improvement in the wind conditions to be able to continue today.

02-11-2021 18:00 It seems we will be re-starting heat 5 between Jerome and Fabian due to a drop in wind conditions.

02-11-2021 17:50 Hugo Marin will face Francesco Capuzzo in tomorrow’s Quarter Finals.

02-11-2021 17:33 Francesco Capuzzo also advances to the quarter-finals.

02-11-2021 17.14 Advancing to the Quarter Finals we have Camille Bouyer and Chucho Nonnot

02-11-2021 16:38 We are on Round 3 Heat 1

02-11-2021 16:22 Round 2 Heat 16, is won by Malo Guenole

02-11-2021 16:19 We have now completed Round 1 Men. Fernando Novaes, Julien Bouyer, Titouan Galea and Chucho Nonnot all advance directly to Round 3.

02-11-2021 14:50 Jerome Cloetens wins Heat 5.

02-11-2021 14:40 Hugo Marin wins Heat 4.

02-11-2021 14:37 Guys are out on 4m wings. Conditions are great.

02-11-2021 14:30 Heat 3 – Hendrick Lopes wins.

02-11-2021 14:15 Camille Bouyer wins his heat with a 15.16 score.

02-11-2021 13:40 Conditions are good with approximately 20 knots of wind.

02-11-2021 13:38 First heat of the day is on the water! Bouyer vs Colmas.

02-11-2021 12:39 First possible start will be at 1:30pm. The Women are released for today, so we will be starting with the Men’s Elimination.

02-11-2021 11:30 We are starting with the Skipper’s meeting right now. We have 19 men and 5 women from 10 different nationalities here competing.

02-11-2021 09:00 Good morning from Dakhla, Morocco! The programme for today is:

Registration 9 – 10 am

Opening Ceremony 11am – 12pm

Skipper’s meeting 11:30 am

First possible start 12:30pm

Our livestream will be ready as from Round 2

02-11-2021 08:00 We’ll be coming with more updates very soon.