Current discipline: Surf-Freestyle
Judging Criteria: Pure Freestyle 
For Tricks: Height, amplitude, speed and clean landings.
Wind conditions: 30 to 35 knots levante wind


14 – 10 – 2022 15.30 The small final is now complete, with Camille Bouyer taking 3rd place and Titouan 4th. Thats it for competition here today! We will be back at the beach tomorrow for the official podiums and closing ceremony at 2pm. Thanks to everyone for tuning in! 

14 – 10 – 2022 15.20 The younger generation have absolutely dominated this event from the start, and our two finalists, Xavi Corr aged 15, and Malo Guenole aged 17, are the perfect example of the new fleet of athletes who are blowing away the competition. Both riders were clearly hungry for the win here in Tarifa. Malo opened with his classic massive backflip scoring 7.2 points. Xavi responded with a backflip of his own, scoring very slightly lower. They continued pushing trick for trick, each one alternatively taking the lead. As it came down to the final moments, Xavi took a slight lead, whilst Malo crashed three valuable trick attempts. He went for a frontside 3 to secure 5.23 points, but it just was not enough as Xavi went all in with a massive frontside 7 to seal the deal scoring 8.37 points and making him the official winner for the GWA Wingfoil World Cup Tarifa Surf-Freestyle discipline at just 15 years of age.


14-10-2022 15.00 Xavi Corr is a young local rider, and this was his first ever semi-final at a GWA event. To make the situation even better, he had to face one of the top riders in the world, Titouan Galea for the second semi-final of the day. Xavi opened up landing three solid tricks, whilst Titouan struggled to land his first attempts. However, as we approached the halfway mark, they were almost identical in points. Xavi went all in, feeling comfortable in his home conditions, and on his final trick attempt he threw out an insane frontside 7 scoring 8.73 points, whilst Titouan crashed his last attempt losing valuable points. Xavi deservedly locked down his spot in the finals, where he will now  face Malo Guenole.

14-10-2022 14.40 Semi final 1 saw Camille Bouyer face Malo Guenole for the much-desired spot in the finals. With the heats now reduced to 6 minutes, the pressure to perform was higher than ever. Once again, it all came down to the final trick of the heat, as they had both been neck and neck throughout. Malo once again produced an accomplished display of riding, with his front flips, back flips and impeccable frontside 7. It was close but Camille could not quite top his competitors performance, and the spot in the finals went to Malo.

14-10-2022 14.30 Are you ready for the semi-finals??? The crowds are going wild here on the beach! We have Xavi Corr vs Titouan Galea and Camille Bouyer vs Malo Guenole. Who will be our finalists?

14-10-2022 14.00 Things are heating up! Malo Guenole and Camille Bouyer are our first two semi-finalist, after advancing through incredibly tight heats.

14-10-2022 13.50 Titouan Galea defeats local Fabi Muhmenthaler

14-10-2022 13.45 Young local Xavi Corr advances to the next round, showing amazing confidence riding in these conditions.

14-10-2022 13.40 Tom Aubert defeats Hugo Marin for a spot in the Quarters. The wind is going nuts! Gusts of over 30 knots now.

14-10-2022 13.06 Amazing riding from young gun Axel Gerard! He defeated Stefan Spiessberger and advances to the Quarter finals. 

14-10-2022 13.00 Camille Bouyer advances to the quarter finals!

14-10-2022 12.50 Round 4 is coming up shortly!

14-10-2022 12.30 Xavi Corr, Fabien Muhmenthaler, Titouan Galea, Alan Feddit and Gollito Estredo all advance through to the next round. 

14-10-2022 11.55 Tom Auber and Hugo Marin have also advanced to round 4. The wind is picking up even more! Conditions are tough.

14-10-2022 11.46 Chris Mac Donald junior rides an outstanding heat and defeats Ancor Sosa for a spot in the next round.

14-10-2022 11.40 Lillian Juppet advances over Max Robinson

14-10-2022 11.35 Malo Guenole secures his spot in the next round after riding an outstanding hit! His impressive frontside 7 scored 9.5, the highest score from the event so far!

14-10-2022 11.32 Maxime Chabloz advances over Noa Legier in a very close heat!

14-10-2022 11.30 Stefan Spiessberger advances over young local River Moore in a close heat.

14-10-2022 11.25 Great riding from Axel Gerard who defeated Clement Hamon.

14-10-2022 11.15 Camille Bouyer advances over Chucho Nonnot

14-10-2022 11.00 The excitement is calming down a bit, and it’s time to move on to Men’s Round 3 as we still have a lot of competition to get through! Noe Cuyala defeats Hendrick Lopes and advances to the next round.

14-10-2022 10.41 What an amazing display of progression and determination for the final! Paula has so many years of competitive experience and this truly showed through today, as she was entered and focused throughout her heat. Nia rode incredibly well, and fought right until the end, but Paula Novotna was unstoppable and is now confirmed as our new 2022 World Champion!

14-10-2022 10.30 The wind is strong and the women are throwing it down. Paula Novotna currently holding a slight lead with her last Frontside 3 but this is a very tight race!

14-10-2022 10.26 The big final is now on! Paula Novotna vs Nia Suardiez.

14-10-2022 10.15 Paula Novotna defeats our 2021 World Champion Bowien van der Linden, with an impressive performance, and will advance to the final to face Nia. This is a huge moment for the women, if Paula wins the finals here in Tarifa she will be the new 2022 World Champion.

14-10-2022 10.10 Nia Suardiez advances to the final beating Flora Artzner in strong, gusty wind conditions.

14-10-2022 10.10 The action is on! Nia Suardiez and Flora Artzner are first on the water. 

14-10-2022 9.35 First possible start is at 10am. We will be trying to complete the Women’s Elimination first. Get ready for an exciting morning and the possible crowning of a new World Champion if Paula Novotna were to win this event! We will be running the heats using the new format where each rider jumps individually. They get 7 trick attempts and the top 3 scores count. 

14-10-2022 9.30 Good morning from Tarifa! Skipper’s meeting is currently underway. We have about 10 to 15 knots of levante wind. Hopefully we will be able to start soon!


Current discipline: Surf-Freestyle
Judging Criteria: Pure Freestyle 
For Tricks: Height, amplitude, speed and clean landings.
Wind conditions: 20 to 25 knots levante wind

13-10-2022 19.30 That’s it for today! The wind has dropped, but we will be back tomorrow at 9am! See you then.

13-10-2022 18.30 We are still on hold but it unfortunately looks as though the wind is dropping fast.

13-10-2022 18.15 While we are on hold, we caught up with Alvaro for a quick chat about the new generation. “Thanks to wingfoiling, it allows us more flexibility and adaptability for running competitions in tricky wind conditions such as the levante that we are experiencing here in Tarifa this week,” explained Head Judge Alvaro Onieva. “The most fascinating part of this sport is witnessing the interest and growth of a very young new generation. We are seeing amazing performances for the youngest riders, such as Berger, Moore, Suardiez and Gerard amongst many more. The future of wingfoiling looks extremely bright.”

13-10-2022 18.00 AP flag has gone up for heat 16 due to a sudden drop in wind.

13-10-2022 17.50 Round 2 is almost finished, and we witnessed an outstanding performance from one of the youngest local riders, Nathan Berger, who defeated Riccardo Zorzi with an unstoppable performance which included an massive frontside 7 scoring him 8.4 points and allowing him a well-deserved spot in Round 3. 

13-10-2022 17.24 Fabien Muhmenthaler and Matteo Guazzoni also both advance to Round 3.

13-10-2022 17.19 Lucas Roguet advances through to Round 3.

13-10-2022 17.15 Bastien Escofet landed an impressive front flip scoring 8.30 and giving him the advantage over Viniccius Martins.

13-10-2022 16.58 Hugo Marin advances through another round and locks down his spot in Round 3.

13-10-2022 16.37 Benjamin May advances through to the next round. We have the wind picking up even stronger, and the beach is packed with spectators.

13-10-2022 16.30 Ancor Sosa advances.

13-10-2022 16.15 Lillian Juppet advances over younger brother of Nia, Leo Suardiez, who came in very close behind him after performing very well in the strong and tricky conditions.

13-10-2022 16.00 Julien Bouyer advances through to round 3.

13-10-2022 15.40 Noa Legier defeats Miko Tykal to advance through another round.

13-10-2022 15.30 14 year old local River Moore just put on an incredible performance, finishing his heat with a clean Frontside 7 and advancing through to next round.

13-10-2022 15.20 Young rider Axel Gerard manages to score 23.40 points and advance to Round 3.

13-10-2022 15.10 For men’s round 2 we are back to to 7 minute, two-man heats. 8 trick attempts with the top 3 counting.

13-10-2022 14.50 Chucho Nonnot just cleared his way to through to the next round.

13-10-2022 14.40 Hendrick Lopes advances to Round 3. The wind is pumping!

13-10-2022 14.36 We are now on Men’s Round 2

13-10-2022 14.25 Paula Novotna managed to advance to the Semi-Finals, but it was definitely not one of her best heats, as she landed only two of her trick attempts, and seemed to be feeling the pressure.

13-10-2022 14.20 Bowien van der Linden defeats Manuela Jungo for her spot in the semi-finals.

13-10-2022 14.15 Things are heating up for the women’s quarter finals! The levante wind has definitely kicked and we have up to 25 knots now. So far we have Flora Artzner and Nia Suardiez who have locked down their spots in the semi-finals.

13-10-2022 14.00 Alan Fedit and Gollito Estredo are the last two riders to advance to Round 3. We now move back to Women’s Round 4.

13-10-2022 13.00 Great performance from Alan Feddit for Heat 15 allowing him to advance directly to Round 3

13-10-2022 12.50 Titouan Galea takes a clear win for Heat 14

13-10-2022 12.40 AP flag is up due to a drop in the wind. We are on standby.

13-10-2022 12.15 Gregorio Pugliese takes the lead and advances to Round 3.

13-10-2022 11.55 Xavi Corr advances to Round 3, just ahead of River Moore, and Bastien Escofet in 3rd.

13-10-2022 11.40 Jerome Cloetens well deservedly advances to Round 3 with his final trick giving him the advantage.

13-10-2022 11.29 Tom Aubert and Francesco Cappuzzo advance directly to Round 3. We are now on Heat 11.

13-10-2022 11.04 The wind has filled in, Men’s Heat 9 is first up

13-10-2022 11.00 The wind has picked up and we are going into sequence!

13-10-2022 10.30 The next call is at 11am. The wind has dropped, though we have no doubt that the conditions will certainly kick later on this morning. Meanwhile, take a little look at yesterdays highlight video right here

13-10-2022 10.00 We are still on standby as the wind is currently at around 8 knots.

13-10-2022 9.30 We are back on standby as the wind has dropped suddenly.

13-10-2022 9.00 Good morning from Tarifa! Skipper’s meeting is done and the wind is blowing! We will be starting very shortly. We have approximately 18 knots currently. We are on standby and will start any moment now.


12-10-2022 19.00 That’s it for today as the wind has dropped! We are back tomorrow with more!

12-10-2022 18.55 Chris Mc Donald blasts through his heat and scores 9 points for his FS7, taking the highest score of the day and advancing to Round 3.

12-10-2022 18.50 AP flag is up due to a drop in wind.

12-10-2022 18.40 Max Robinson wins his heat and also advances directly to Round 3. 

12-10-2022 18:30 Malo Guenole gets the highest score of the day so far with his FS7 scoring 8.40 points. He advances directly to Round 3.

12-10-2022 18.15 Maxime Chabloz is on fine form as he advances directly to Round 3.

12-10-2022 18.00 Stefan Spiessberger joins them advancing to Round 3.

12-10-2022 17.50 Clement Hamon also advances directly to Round 3. Conditions remain great, and the beach is packed with spectators. 

12-10-2022 17.30 Camille Bouyer advances directly to Round 3.

12-10-2022 17.19 Noe Cuyala wins Heat 1 and advances directly to Round 3 with a clear advantage over his competitors.

12-10-2022 17.15 We have started Men’s Round 1.

12-10-2022 17.00 The most impressive performance of the day was from Paula Novotna, who has been training in Tarifa for several weeks already, and her hard work seems to have paid off. She achieved an overall heat score of 27.23 points which was substantially higher than the rest of the female fleet today. She advanced easily to the Quarter Finals.

12-10-2022 16.30 Bowien van der Linden rides an exceptional heat to advance to Round 4 over Marina Alabau.

12-10-2022 16.15 Flora Artzner, Isabelle Triviño, Manuela Jungo all advance to the next round. 

12-10-2022 16.00 Kristina Koening advances from Heat 17

12-10-2022 15.35 We continue now with Women’s Round 3

12-10-2022 15.33 Lucia Triviño advances theough heat 6. 

12-10-2022 15.25 Kylie advances over Maria Behrens from Heat 5

12-10-2022 15.10 Nia Suardiez advances over Mar de Arce

12-10-2022 14.00 Isabelle Triviño advances over Margherita Barros for Heat 3.

12-10-2022 13.51 Flora advances over Marina Alabau for Heat 2. The wind conditions are good.

12-10-2022 13.40 Christina Koenig advances over Manuela Jungo for Heat 1.

12-10-2022 13.35 Women’s Heat 1 is now on the water.

12-10-2022 13.30 The action will be starting at 1.30, with Women’s Round 1.

12-10-2022 12.30 We are on half hour calls. The wind conditions are still light.

12-10-2022 12.00 Skipper’s meeting is now complete. We are still deciding whether to start with Men or Women today. The Men’s Round 1 are 3-man heats, using a new system where each rider is given 20 seconds to perform their trick. This makes sure the judges are able to fully focus on each trick. The women’s ladder is smaller therefore they will use the normal, two person per heat format. 

12-10-2022 11.00 Skipper’s meeting is coming up shortly. The wind is still light. We will inform you as soon as we know what time we will start. Follow our stories on Instagram for all the updates!

12-10-2022 09.30 The light Levante is already blowing. Registration starts at 8.30 until 10am.

12-10-2022 08:30 Good morning from Tarifa! More information following soon!