GWA Wingfoil World Cup Cape Verde 2024

Sal, Cape Verde 
16 – 25 February 2024
Discipline: Wave
Judging Criteria: 25 minute heats for the finals with 3 minute transition, best two waves to count

Day Two: 20 February, 2024 (GMT-1)


16.54 That’s all from Cape Verde. Join us again for the next GWA Wingfoil World Tour stop in  Leucate.

16.24 M Final Cash Berzolla v Malo Guénolé. Guénolé gets the win in a drama packed final.

15:45 W Final Moona Whyte v Elena Moreno. That’s a big upset as Elena Morena (ESP) takes down the world champion.

15:25 M mini-final Finn Spencer v Nathan van Vuuren. Van Vuuren takes the win, opneing with a big 9.0 wave that gives him thrid overall.

14.55 W mini-final Bowien van der Linden v Nia Suardiaz. Suardiaz takes the win and third place overall two 7-point scores.

14.30 MS-F2 Malo Guenole v Nathan van Vuuren. Guenole keeps on pushing and again gets a j9.63 wave to take his heat total to 18.23 and lands him a place in the final.

14.10 M S-F1 Cash Berzolla v Finn Spencer. Berzolla wins an amazing heat. The innovation is incredible and his 9.53 wave was fitting reward.

13:50 W S-F2 Nia Suardiaz v Elena Moreno. Moreno wins with great riding landing an 8.43 wave to book her place in the final.

13.30 W S-F1 Moona Whtye v Bowien van der Linden. Whyte wins a tight heat by just 0.30 of a point and goes to the final.

13.10 M Q-F4 Nathan van Vuuren v Axel Gerard. Van Vuuren wins over the young Frenchmen Gerard.

12.50 W R2 H1 Moona Whyte v Charlotte Carpentier. Whyte takes it over Carpentier.

12.30 M Q-F3 Gregorio Pugliese v Malo Guénolé. That was quite something. Guenole gets the a 10-point to advance and end the run of Pugliese. Stunning riding by Guenole with big hacks in the pocket.

12:10 M Q-F2 Tom Auber v Finn Spencer. Spencer takes the win with a 7.83 score.

11:50 M Q-F1 Cash Berzolla v Benoit Carpentier. Berzolla takes the win with another huge performance that included his second perfect 10. Carpentier just came up against the on-fire youngster who must be favourite right now.

11.30 W R1 H2 Sofia Marchetti v Elena Moreno v Moona Whyte. Quite an upset in this non-elimination round. Elena Moreno scores two big waves to take the win. She went over the falls twice, damaging her wing the first time but carried on. Whyte takes second.

11.15 Women R1 H1 Nia Suardiaz v Bowien van der Linden v Charlotte Carpentier. Van der Linden easily takes the win with two big 6-point waves in this non-elimination round.

10.55 M R3 H8 Theo Demanez v Nathan van Vuuren. Van Vuuren get the win over Demanez.

10.30 M R3 H7 Axel Gerard v Wesley Brito. Gerard gets the win in the day’s first big upset as he knocks out last year’s winner here and the reigning world champion.

10:10 M R3 H6 Malo Guénolé v Julian Bouyer. Guenole wins with two 8-point plus rides and moves forward.

09:50 M R3 H5 Arthur Thébault v Gregorio Pugliese. Pugliese takes the win and advances up the ladder.

09:35 M R3 H4 Hugo Marin v Finn Spencer. Marin is last year’s world championship runner-up. Let’s see what he can do. Spencer takes the win and ends Marin’s run.

09:15 M R3 H3 Noe Cuyala v Tom Auber. Auber squeezes out the win by small margins, taking it with 12.40.

08:50 M R3 H2 Cash Berzolla v Camille Bouyer. Wow! Cash Berzolla on fire. Next level stuff with the first perfect 10 of he the comp, backed up with a 9.87 to give him 19.86 and the win.

08:30 Men’s R3 H1 Benoit Carpentier v Clement Roseyro. Carpentier get the win even though he fell and burst his wing in the surf. Carpentier notched up a strong 8.17 ride.

08:15 Good morning. After an incredible first day, we’re about to get into the action on day two. The skippers’ meeting is on and we’re planning an 08:30 first possible start. The plan is to continue with the men’s contest at Round 3.

Day One: 19 February, 2024 (GMT-1)

18.40 That’s all for today. Join us tomorrow when we hope to crown our Cape Verde winners.

18.25 MR2 H8 Chucho Nonnot v Theo Demanez. Demanez takes the win and advances.

18.00 M R2 H7 Leon Schiel v Wesley Brito. Brito gets it by a fine margin.

17.40 M R2 H6 Julien Bouyer v Hendrick Lopes. Bouyer gets the win after Lopes went down a couple of times.

17.30 M R2 H5 Gregorio Pugliese v Noah Angulo. Pugliese wins over Angulo.

17:15 M R2 H4 Finn Spencer v Vinni Martins. Spencer wins over Martins.

17.00 M R2 H3 Tom Auber v Zany Guy. Auber gets the win with Guy sent out.

16:35 M R2 H2 Camille Bouyer v Kiran Verma.  Bouyer takes the win over Verma.

16.20 M R2 H1 Clement Roseyo v Clement Hamon. Roseyro get the win and sends Hamon out.

15.50 M R1 H8 Nathan van Vuuren v Finn Spencer v Wesley Brito. Van Vuuren gets the win, with Spencer in second and the world champion Brito in third.

15.30 M R1 H7 Theo Demanez v Axel Gerard v Tom Auber. Gerard wins, Auber is second and Demanez third.

15.05 M R1 H6 Malo Guenole v Camille Bouyer v N Angulo. Guenole wins, with Bouyer in second and Angulo third.

14.50 M R1 H5 Arthur Thebault v Henrick Lopes v Clement Roseyro, Thebault wins, with  Roseyro second and Lopes third.

14.35 M R1 H4 Zany Guy v Chucho Nonnot v Hugo Marin. Marin wins, with Guy and Nonnot following respectively.

14.15 M R1 H3 Leon Schiel v Vinni Martins v Noé Cuyala. Cuyala wins with Schield and Martins behind.

14.00 M R1 H2 Clement Hamon v Julien Bouyer v Cash Berzolla. Berzolla wins that second heat in 12 to 14 knots of wind with double and triple overhead faces.

13.40 Men R1 H1 Kiran Verma v Gregorio Pugliese v Benoit Carpentier. Carpentier wins with Verma and Pugliese going to Round 2.

13:10 We have just had the skippers’ meeting and the race director says the first possible start is 13:40. The swell is pumping, but the breeze is dropping. Stay tuned and head over to our livestream to watch all the action.

09:40 Good morning. The plan is to begin the wingfoil Wave competition this afternoon. First the women’s Kite-Surf will be competed. Join us later.

17 February, 2024 (GMT-1)
09:30 The Wave event remains on hold with the Kite-Surf discipline moving forward. Stay tuned for more.

16 February, 2024 (GMT-1)
09:07 The wingfoil Wave event will be on hold today as we start with the Kite-Surf discipline. Please stay tuned for further updates.