GWA Wingfoil World Cup Spain 2024
Tarifa Wing Pro
Bibo Beach House, Valdevaqueros
01 – 04 May 2024

Discipline: Surf-Freestyle


Day Two: 2 May, 2024 (GMT+2)

17.00 That’s a wrap from Tarifa for another year. What an event, with Nia Suardiaz and Chris MacDonald on top of the world at the moment. Join us again in the Canaries in July for my Surf-Freestyle action.

16.35 M Final Xavi Corr v Bastien Escofet v Axel Gerard v Chris MacDonald. MacDonald takes the win again make it back-to-back victories this season and here in Tarifa. The current Surf-Frestyle world champion is in a league of his own at the moment.

16.05 M S-F2 B Escofet v M Guenole v T Archerer v C MacDonald. MacDonald goes to the final, but Escofet takes second to edge out Guenole. Archerer had a great run and is surely one for the future.

15.45 M S-F1 L Vuillermet v C Hamon v A Gerard v X Corr. Another incredible heat with Corr just pulling it out to take second with a buzzer beater on his last trick. That sent Hamon packing by just 0.30 of a point. Gerard was only a fraction ahead of Gerard who took the win.

15.10 M Q-F4 R Moore v C Hamon v J Cloetens v C MacDonald. MacDonald gets the win with several big Innovation tricks and advances in first place. But Hamon pushed the world champion hard and was not far behind, also going to the semi-finals. We’ll now take a short break.

14.45 M Q-F3 A Sosa v L Vuillerment v T Archerer v N Cuyala. Huge heat again. The runner-up in Leucate, Cuyala, goes out early, just pipped by Vuillermet who took second and advances. But the big news is the win by new-comer Archerer who lands up with a 25.73 heat score.

14.15 M Q-F2 E Bastianelli v N Berger v X Corr v M Guenole. Another epic battle. Corr and Guenole pushed one another to the limit. Corr just squeezed the win with the biggest trick of the competition so far, 9.97 for a Backmobe 360. It kept his nose in front of Guenole, who also advances to the semi-final.

13.40 M Q-F1 Aleksander Archerer v Bastien Escofet v Alan Fedit v Axel Gerard. What a heat. The big upset was that Fedit finished fourth. The young Austrian Archerer was just pipped by Escofet’s last trick that earned 8.83 to take second place. Gerard closed out the heat with a Frontside 7 that stretched his lead.

13.15 We’re going to start the first men’s quarter-finals around 13.30.

12. 31 Next FPS 13.30.

12.03 Next call 12.30 for 13.00 FPS.

11.40 Our next FPS is 12.30.

11.28 Good morning everyone. We’re hoping to conclude the men’s competition today. We’ll start with the quarter-finals. At the moment we’re waiting for the wind to build and we have a FPS at noon. Stay tuned.

Day One: 1 May, 2024 (GMT+2)

20.40 That’s a wrap for today. Join us again tomorrow when we hope to conclude the men’s competition, starting with the quarter-finals.

20.25 M R4 H4 B May v N Berger v A Sosa v M Robinson. Berger wins with Sosa in second place, both going to the quarter finals.

20.03 M R4 H3 C Loch v R Moore v B Escofet v F Cappuzzo. Escofet booked his place in the quarter final with a big win that included an 8.83 trick. He will be joined by River Moore, the local rider.

19.35 M R4 H2 A Archerer vM Tieles v C Hamon v R Zorzi. Hamon wins with the biggest heat total of the day so far, 25.51 for his three scoring tricks to take him to the quarter final, along with Archerer.

19.22 M R4 H1 E Bastianelli v L Suardiaz v L Vuillermet v C Nonnot. Vuillerment makes it through to the quarter finals along with Bastianelli, while Nonnot and Suardiaz end their runs.

19.10 M R3 H8 R Moore v M Robinson v C MacDonald. MacDonald streaks away with a heat score of 24.87 to. easily take the win.

18.55 M R3 H7 C Loch v J Cloetens v A Sosa. The local Tarifa rider Cloetens gets the win, with Sosa in second spot adn Loch in third.

18.45 MR3 H6 N Berger v F Cappuzzo v N Cuyala. Cuyala eases to the win over Cappuzzo, with Berger in third.

18.30 M R3 H5 T Archerer v B May v B Escofet. Archerer on fire with a clutch of 8-point plus scores that put Escofet in second and May in third.

18.20 M R3 H4 L Suardiaz v R Zorzi v M Guénolé. Guénolé gets the win with an 8.93 point Backmobe ahead of Zozi and Suardiaz. 

18.15 M R3 H3 E Bastianelli v C Hamon v X Corr. Corr gets an even bigger score-9.33 for an Innovation trick-to help him progress, while the others fight again in round four.

17.50 M R3 H2 M Tieles v Chucho Nonnot v Axel Gerard. Gerard, the 15-year-old scores the biggest trick of the competition to that point with an 8.97 for a Frontside 10, that beats Nonnot and Tieles.

17.30 M R3 H1 A Archerer v Luca Vuillermet v A Fedit. Fedit wins, just squeezing out Vuillermet in second and Archerer in third.

16.50 M R2 H2 L Harbacek v N Berger v S Zorzi v River Moore. The competition is on standby for a short time. Berger gets the win with a big 21.62 heat total, while Moore takes second with an 18.27 for his three counting tricks.

16.40 M R2 H1 L Suardiaz v M Tieles v L Lam v F Mumenthaler. Tieles wins with 14-year-old Suardiaz in second.

16.18 Women’s Final Mar de Arce v Sofia Marchetti v Bowien vd Linden v Nia Suardiaz. Suardiaz cruised to the win with back-to-back event victories that put her in the driving seat to defend her title. That is two wins from a slated four events. Van der Linden took second coming from behind at the close of the heat to get her nose in front. De Arce gets third and builds momentum for her season after a second in Leucate.

16.05 M R1 H4 Charlie Loch v Leo Suardiaz v Sebastiano Zorzi. The young Briton Loch advances in first place, with Suardiaz and Zorzi going again in round two.

15.45 W S-F2 C König v O Ceris v M de Arce v N Suardiaz. Suardiaz goes to the final with the win, but it was touch and go for a while after she opened with two crashes and a low-scoring trick that left her trailing the pack. She held it together and eased to the front, followed closely by Mar de Arce in second who goes to the final. Ceris just fell short in third.

15.25 W S-F1 R Sollom v K Belloeuvre v S Marchetti v B vd Linden. Marchetti goes through to the final in first place with a good win over Van der Linden in second, who also makes it to the final. Belloeuvre and Sollom are out.

15.05 M R1 H3 River Moore v Martin Tieles v Tomas Archerer. The young Austrian Archerer goes big and progresses earning the biggest score of the day sore far with an 8.43 for a Backmobe.

14.53 WQ-F2 L David v O Ceris v R Sollom v Z Maillard. Ceris wins and goes to the semi-final with Sollom, while that’s the end of line for David and Maillard.

14.30 W Q-F1 C Baruzzi v V Lippitsch v C König v K Belloeuvre. Belloeuvre advances to the semi-finals along with König.

14.20 M R1 H2 Lukas Lam v Ezio Bastianelli v Lasse Harbecek. Bastianelli gets a comfortable win and heads straight to round 3  with a 17.97 heat total. Lam and Harbacek will fight again in round 2.

14.05 W R3 H4 Lilou David v Christina König v Nia Suardiaz. Suardiaz takes the win looking very comfortable, chalking up a 7.07 for a Backflip that overhauls her rivals, who go again in the quarter-finals.

13.50 W R3 H3 Orane Ceris v Kylie Belloeuvre v Mar de Arce. De Arce get the win and goes to the semi-final while Belloeuvre and Ceris battle again in the quarter-finals

13.30 W R3 H2 Regaliz Sollom v Charlotte Baruzzi v Bowien van der Linden. It’s about to start. We have 20 to 25 knots of westerly Poniente winds. Van der Linden wins a tricky heat and goes to the semi-final, with Sollom in second and Baruzzi in third going to the quarter-finals.

12.58 Next call 13.15 for 13.30 FPS.

12.54 We’re still on standby. The next call is 13.00 for a FPS at 13.15. Stay tuned.

11.35 W R3 H2 Regaliz Sollomv Charlotte Baruzzi v Bowien van der Linden. At the moment the heat is on standby until the conditions improve.

11.25 W R3 H1 Zara Maillard v Viola Lippitsch v Sofia Marchetti. Marchetti takes the win even though she had only two counting scores, which did enough to get the better of her rivals. The wind dipped a little making it a tricky heat for the women.

11.10 W R2 H1 Marina Alabau v Regaliz Sollom v Lilou David. Sollom takes the win and goes to Round 3 while that is the end of the line for Aalabau and David.

10.50 Men R1 H1 Fabian Mumenthaler v Aleksander Archerer v Nathan Berger. The young Austrian Archerer get the win with three big 7-point plus scores for his counting tricks that see him advance straight to Round 3. Mumthaler and Berger get another chance in Round 2.

10.25 W R1 H2 Orane Ceris v Regaliz Sollom. Ceris, back from her knee injury, goes straight through with a strong win.

10.00 W R1 H1 Marina Alabau v Lilou David v Zara Maillard. Maillard gets the win and goes straight to Round 3, while David and Alabau go again in Round 2.

08.40 Good morning. We have a big day in prospect at the Tarifa Wing Pro, the second stop of the GWA Wingfoil World Tour Surf-Freestyle discipline. We are hoping for a FPS with the women’s at 09.30. Of the four competition days, today’s forecast looks the best, so the hope is to get through as much of the competition as possible.