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Travel Insurance for Wing Foilers – Powered by battleface

Focus on doing what you love. Let battleface worry about the rest.

This season, the GWA has partnered with battleface Travel Insurance to insure GWA Wingfoil World Tour athletes during competitions, and now it’s time to bring the same level of security to our fans and followers around the world!

Wingsports enthusiasts don’t fit outdated ‘one size fits all’ travel insurance industry standards. 21st Century shredders need lean, tailored insurance they can access from devices, not faxes.

battleface provides travel insurance and services to adventurers and travelers from over 50 countries, going to unconventional or challenging destinations.

Follow the wind with battleface

Like the wind, travel plans can change quickly. battleface policies can be purchased while already traveling, and can easily be extended by buying a new one online.

Whether you decide to go wingfoiling in Kenya, hit the waves on a remote island in the Philippines, go on a multi-day downwind adventure in Brazil, or all three: you are in the best hands with battleface. With coverage to remote places, including countries with government travel warnings, contact battleface as they may be able to assist you in finding a policy that matches your destination, activities and travel requirements.

For more information or a quote please contact the battleface team here.

battleface is provided by Tangiers Insurance Services Limited, a UK insurance intermediary authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Tangiers Underwriting Services SRL, a Belgian mandated underwriter registered with the Authority of Financial Markets and Services and battleface Insurance Services LLC, a US licensed insurance producer. The details provided on this webpage are for information only. Always read the description of cover contained within your policy to ensure it is suitable for your needs.