LIVETICKER DAY 4 – 9th July 2022 (GMT+1)

With competition completed during the first two days here in Costa Teguise, the crew has put on a Surf-Slalom show for day three. You can read the reports from the previous competition days by hitting the links below!

Day one:

Day two:

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17.17 – Christopher MacDonald and Nia Suardiaz win the ‘best trick’ showdown during the final day of the GWA Wingfoil World Cup. 

It’s now time for the awards ceremony where we’ll crown our champions from this week! A massive thank you to everyone who tuned into our live stream and followed the event and we’ll see you at the next stop on the GWA Calender.

16.51 – There are some big tricks being thrown down during today’s best trick show. Winds blowing, tunes are pumping and we’re close to crowing our winners.

15.43 – Best trick showdown is getting underway! Shortly we’ll see who can bring home the win.

14.30 – Final day here in Lanzarote. The competition is over however judges will be getting riders on the water for a ‘best trick’ showdown if the wind picks up!

Stay tuned!

LIVETICKER DAY 3 – 8th July 2022 (GMT+1)

18.00 – Titouan Galea takes the win in today’s surf-slalom show! 

Great to see riders getting on the water to display the slalom side of wing foiling. We return tomorrow for some more show action with the plan to run some freestyle big air!

17.22 – Nia Suardiaz wins all four of the women’s surf-slalom show heats. A show-stopping performance from her. 

We continue with the men’s as there are still two more elimination rounds to go. Tituoan Galea and Hugo Marin both have wins under their belts. 

15.30 – Nia Suardiaz wins the first two women’s races with Hugo Marin taking the win in the first elimination round.

14.40 – Surf-Slalom heats will get underway in 10 minutes’ time.

12.47 – It’s registration time for the riders. Shortly we’ll have the numbers to see who’s competing later this afternoon. 

09.33 – Day three in Lanzarote will bring some surf-slalom action your way. Riders registration will take place from 12.30, skippers meeting at 13.30 with a first possible start of 14.00! It’s looking promising for another day of solid wind, maybe not as strong as the previous two days but action will take place later on this afternoon. 

LIVETICKER DAY 2 – 7th July 2022 (GMT+1)

20.10 – GOLLITO ESTREDO is your champion!! 

What a crazy heat and unbelievable way to finish the men’s surf-freestyle. Hats off to Malo Guenole for putting on an incredible show. Your final top four athletes were; 

  1. Gollito Estredo
  2. Malo Guenole
  3. Balz Müller
  4. Xavier Corr

We resume action tomorrow with some surf-slalom exhibitions in what will be another exciting day on tour.

19.08 – Semi-Finals are over! Two heats remain and it’s Malo Guenole and Gollito Estredo who make it through to the final!

Next up we have our mini-final for a third-place battle!

18.47 – It’s semi-final time! Up next we have;

Balz Muller vs Malo Guenole

Gollito Estredo vs Xavier Corr

18.24 – The competition is still well underway and we’re in round five! Upsets so far have to be Francesco Cappuzzio and Christopher Macdonald falling short against their opponents.

16.28 – As we blast through heats we’re into round four. Every single heat is like a final with all riders going absolutely massive! 

Live scores along with a live stream can be viewed below!

14.31 – The heats keep getting better and better! Balz Muller has just stomped his Round three heat taking out Camille Bouyer with a monster score of 35.93! Score of the day here at the GWA wing foil world cup in Lanzarote. 

13.36 – Round three, heat three is a standout heat with Malo Guenole going huge with a total score of 32.36 – the highest score of the competition so far! 

As we dive further into the competition we’re really starting to see the athletes push the heights and the limits!

13.04 – Round two is complete. Next up is round three starting with Hendrick Lopes battling Fabian Muhmenthaler. 

The wind continues to get stronger as we enter the early hours of the afternoon. Be sure to check out our live stream below to see exactly what’s happening out in every heat!

12.25 – After three heats it’s Alan Fedit, Camille Bouyer, and Hugo Marin who advance. Camille scored a massive 30.84 in his round two heat against Max Robinson nailing a clean front flip that scored a near-perfect 9.37! No messing around from the Frenchman. 

11.50 – We’re underway with the competition! The first heat of the day is running, the wind will only get stronger and an exciting day ahead is on the cards!

11.00 – The skipper’s meeting has just finished and the men are rigging up on the beach waiting for the first call! As judges wait for the wind to filter in it’ll be Round two, Heat six up first.

09.30 – Good morning from here in Lanzarote. Today we put our focus on the men’s surf-freestyle with the skipper’s meeting taking place at 10.30. If the wind is good we’ll look at a first possible start of 11.00. Currently, although it’s a little cloudy it’s looking promising for an earlier start.

Stay tuned!

LIVETICKER DAY 1 – 6th July 2022 (GMT+1)

19.24 – That’s a wrap on day one here at Costa Teguise. We’ve finished the women’s and will continue with the men tomorrow! Your top four women for today’s Surf-Freestyle in Lanzarote were;

  1. Paula Novotna (CZE)
  2. Nia Suardiaz (ESP)
  3. Flora Artzner (FRA)
  4. Orane Ceris (FRA)

We’ll be back tomorrow for another day of constant battles in the men’s division! 

19.20 – Paula Novotna wins the GWA Wingfoil World Cup here in Lanzarote! She beats Nia Suardiaz in the final making it her second tour win of the year!

18.40 – It’s the last two heats of the day…Women’s finals! The men are now finished and we’ll continue tomorrow with them, but for now, it’s the mini-final followed by the final for the women’s Surf-Freestyle.

Orane Ceris takes on Flora Artzner whilst Paula Novotna will battle it out with Nia Suardiaz.

17.49 – Fabian Muhmenthaler and Chucho Nonnot advance in the Men’s! Moving back over to the women it’s Semi-Final time! 

17.15 – Two rounds of the women have now finished up. Both Paula Novotna and Nia Suardiaz won their heats.

We move back over to round two of the men’s where scoring has slightly altered. Heats will now be 12 minutes long with four scores counting, three of which are freestyle maneuvers but the fourth is purely for wave riding. These scores paired with an overall impression could really shake things up.

16.40 – Round 1 of the men’s heats is over! We’re moving onto the women now before heading back to the men’s for Round two!

15.40 – As we run through the heats we’re now on heat 13. Our recent winners include Xavier Corr, Gregorio Pugliese and Francesco Cappuzzio.

The clouds have disappeared, the sun is out and the wind has significantly increased, with a higher tide the waves are only getting bigger and the fleet are going HUGE!

14.55 – Balz Muller wins his heat to advance to round three. We’ve now reached the halfway point for Round one of the men’s Surf-Freestyle here at the GWA Wingfoil World Cup Lanzarote.

An action-packed afternoon is still to come!

14.42 – Maxime Chabloz and Noa Legier are the next two athletes to win their heats. Up next we have non-other than Balz Muller. 

The wind is still holding really nicely with some rolling swell giving the riders a lovely playground out there!

14.16 – Jeremy Burlando lands a huge 720 to snatch the lead in heat five! Heat four saw Tom Auber make it through past Titouan Galea.

14.00 – three heats down and so far our winners in each of those were Hendrick Lopes, Christopher Macdonald, and Malo Guenole.

Heat four and five are up next!

13.15 – WE ARE LIVE! The first heat of the day started in the men’s Surf-Freestyle. You can watch our online live stream by following the youtube link below the live ticker on this page along with the live heat scores as they come in from the judges! 

12.50 – We’re finishing off the skipper’s meeting and will shortly be on hold to start the Men’s Surf-Freestyle! The wind is building and it’s looking like a solid afternoon of heats will take place!

11.00 – Riders registration has just wrapped up! The skipper’s meeting will take place in one hour’s time at 12.00 with a first possible start at 13.00! 

Stay tuned!

09.30 – Riders registration has just started. A promising forecast is due for an afternoon of competition where the wind is currently building for some Surf-Freestyle action! The first possible start is 13.00 but keep checking for updates beforehand!

08.00 – What a lovely first morning we have here at the third stop on the GWA World Tour calendar. Riders are soon to arrive for registration, our team is preparing for an action-packed week and we’ll keep you updated with what we should be expecting for later on!

Make sure you follow our socials for some additional info, behind the scene clips, and rider interviews throughout the week!