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Chris MacDonald becomes our new Surf-Freestyle World Champion in Tarifa

Chris MacDonald takes a well deserved win in front of the Tarifa crowds at Valdevaqueros Beach

GWA Wingfoil World Cup Tarifa 
Valdevaqueros Beach, Tarifa, Spain
11 – 14 October 2023


Men’s Quarter Finals

The quarter-finals commenced at midday, propelled by the robust levante wind. Despite a slow start, Malo Guenole rallied spectacularly in his heat. After overcoming a series of crashes, his back-mobe earned him a perfect 10 points, securing a well-deserved spot in the semi-finals. Francesco Cappuzzo displayed determination, narrowly defeating local contender Xavi Corr to join Malo in the next round.

In another closely contested heat, Luca Vuillermet and Noé Cuyala secured their semi-final spots by outperforming Alexander Acherer and Clément Hamon. Bastien Escofet, displaying unparalleled focus, delivered a jaw-dropping performance this morning. His frontside 10, executed with power and precision, earned a perfect 10 and propelled him into the semi-finals alongside Axel Gerard.

Christopher MacDonald continued his dominance, claiming the top spot in his heat with his trademark high-standard performance. Local favorite Jerome Cloetens showcased his mastery, advancing with his signature move, the back-mobe, securing the needed score for the semi-finals.


Men’s Semi Finals


The intensity heightened in the first semi-final of the day, featuring a strong performance by Bastien Escofet. Showcasing an array of tricks, his Backmobe to frontside 3, a first-time combination in competition, earned a perfect 10. Meanwhile, Chris MacDonald maintained his stellar form, landing four highly scored tricks, securing his place in the final as he got closer to his goal of World Champion.

The second semi-final witnessed a nail-biting battle that culminated in the final two trick attempts. Malo Guénolé held his ground, and Axel Gerard made a statement with an outstanding frontside 10, placing him in second. However, it was Jerome Cloetens who stole the spotlight with a back-mobe, securing the crucial points needed to knock both Axel and Luca out of contention for the finals.

Men’s Finals

Anticipation hung thick in the air as the final unfolded against the backdrop of the levante wind, lending an electrifying atmosphere to the climax of the GWA Wingfoil World Cup. Chris MacDonald wasted no time unleashing a barrage of colossal tricks, setting the stage for a compelling battle to secure his world title in Tarifa.

The intensity soared with each athlete pushing the limits, but this pursuit of greatness came at the cost of some spectacular crashes. As the 7th trick attempt approached, the scoreboard remained a tight battleground, with Chris maintaining a slight lead. Jerome, Malo, and Bastien were hot on his heels, making it clear that one substantial score could reshape the entire competition landscape.

In the decisive moments, both Chris and Jerome executed impressive tricks, securing solid scores for their final attempts. However, Bastien and Malo both succumbed to crashes on their final attempts, leaving the outcome hanging by a thread. In a triumphant display, Chris MacDonald seized his well-deserved crown on the shores of Tarifa, surrounded by the cheers of family, friends, and th spectators who had gathered to witness this thrilling event.

Bastien Escofet secured a commendable second place, closely followed by Jerome Cloetens in 3rd and Malo Guenole in 4th. With this victory, Christopher MacDonald ascends to the top as the new GWA Wingfoil Surf-Freestyle World Champion 2023, etching his name into wingfoiling history.

The final results for the men’s division are:

1st Christopher MacDonald (USA)

2nd Bastien Escofet (FRA)

3rd Jerome Cloetens (ESP)

4th Malo Guenole (FRA)

Event information

  • Location: Valdevaqueros Beach, Tarifa, Spain
  • Dates: 11 – 14 October
  • The official Race Notice and event schedule can be found here.
  • All event information here.

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