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Surf-Freestyle is a competition format that aims to drive the ultimate levels of trick performance and expression. Riders battle against each other in heats of two or three, surfing waves or performing explosive and technically skilled air moves that are scored by judges. The athletes perform seven trick attempts in turn. The best three scores, from different trick families to promote variety, are counted.The constant and rapid evolution of tricks by wingfoiling’s youngest athletes ensures the discipline’s progression remains dynamic and exciting.

In the FreeFly-Slalom discipline, as many as 12 competitors race around a multi-leg course fighting for line honours. The course combines jibes, tacks and sections of pumping or surfing on the hydrofoil without using the power of the wing. The athletes compete in series of multiple short, sharp, seeded races to accumulate the best scores and decide the podium places. An exciting and evolving format, it is usually focused on high speed downwind courses. But it will also develop to include challenging, long-distance downwind adventure events.

Competitors in the Wave discipline purely surf waves in any surfing conditions from cross offshore point breaks, to onshore beach breaks. No jumps on the way out are counted for the competitor’s score.

Big Air is an exciting new addition to the fast-evolving world of wingfoil. It is a competition format where the athletes are judged mainly on the height of their jumps, with a smaller element of their score awarded for the technical difficulty, power, smoothness and risk factor of their tricks. The emphasis of the new discipline is on “wow and show” factor, with athletes already showing they can jump as high as 12 metres while throwing air manoeuvres and flying as much as 50 metres downwind. Riders battle in heats of two or three in a format that builds tension as they progress in the contest.


In the Surf-Freestyle discipline events are organized in different levels;

For more information about the different types of events please click here.

Notice of Race (NOR)

The Notice of Race (NOR) is always published at latest 4 weeks prior to an event. In the NOR you can find all practical information for an event;

  • Entry procedure & registration
  • Entry Restrictions
  • Eligibility
  • Seeding
  • Disciplines
  • Competition formats
  • Scoring
  • Rules
  • Prize money
  • Travel info
  • Location map
  • Accommodation
  • Weather
  • Schedules

Compete in an event?

Would you like to compete in one of our events? Please follow below steps:

  1. Choose your event & discipline(s) from the events calendar
  2. Register for the event, by clicking the “Register” button on the bottom of the event page. Fill out the the form as complete as possible.
  3. After the pre-registration date has passed and registration is closed, the Tour Manager will send out an e-mail with the allocated wildcards.
  4. Prepare for the event;
    1. Read the Notice of Race (Published 4 weeks prior to the event on the event page)
    2. Read the Rulebook
    3. Organize health insurance with international coverage
    4. Book flights, accommodation etc.
  5. Get mentally & physically ready!


For more information regarding age divisions, equipment, competition format, scoring etc. please read the Notice of Race of the event you’d like to compete in!


Click here to download the Wingfoil Rulebook!