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Frequently Asked Questions


Which disciplines are part of the GWA Wingfoil World Tour?

GWA Wingfoil World Tour runs four official disciplines, all sanctioned by World Sailing: FreeFly-Slalom, Surf-Freestyle, Wave and Big Air.

How many World Cups take place per year?

In total we run around 10 World Cup events per year, that means between two and seven World Cups per discipline.

How many events count for the annual ranking?

The number of counting scores and discards depends on the number of completed events in the following way:

Number of events completed Number of events discarded
1-3 0
4-6 1
7-9 2
10 or more 3


How can I open a user account for the Rider’s App?

Please go to https://app.wingfoilworldtour.com and register a new membership with your email address and a self-chosen password. You will get an email with a link to complete the registration.

When does registration for an event open? When does it close?

Normally pre-registration opens approx. 10 weeks before the event, is open for a month and closes 6 weeks before the event. Exceptions can occur if the results of the previous event must be awaited. In this case pre-registration might be longer open and might close later than 6 weeks before the event.

How can I pre-register for a World Cup?

Please enter your Rider’s App user account, choose the desired World Cup and press the pre-register button. If you want to participate in the Video Application, don’t forget to upload your videos. If you occur a problem with receiving the confirmation email, you can contact the GKA IT director, Julio on julio@global-kitesports.org

How does video application work?

To participate in the Video Application, please enter your Rider’s app user account and upload four short videos. Each video may only show one trick and must not be edited. The videos must also not be in POV (point of view) mode.

Where can I find the current trick list?

Please find current trick lists in the appendix of the Rulebook: wingfoilworldtour.com/rulebooks/

How do I qualify for a World Cup?

There are several possibilities to enter a World Cup. The top ranked riders of the current World Tour Ranking qualify automatically as well as the winners of Continental Championships, but you can also qualify by video application or get one of the Organizer Wild Cards or the GWA Wild Cards. Depending on the event and discipline will also determine the specific entry allocation as it can be different. Please see the rulebook for exact numbers on how spots are allocated.

How many riders are competing per discipline?

The maximum number of competitors is as follows:

Discipline male riders female riders
Free-Fly Slalom 48  
Surf-Freestyle 28  
Wave 24  
Big Air 24  


What is the minimum age for competing in a GWA Wingfoil World Cup?

The minimum age is 14 in the year of competition.

Which age categories does exist in Youth Events?

The age categories for Youth events are U14, U16 and U19. Please note that not the actual age, but the year of birth is the deciding factor.

Which equipment is allowed for use in competitions?

Only Hydrofoil boards are eligible for use in competition. There are not any restrictions on the size, length and width of the quiver. The leading edge of the wing must be inflatable. The use of a safety wing leash and helmet are mandatory.

Foot-straps, pads and wax are allowed in the disciplines Surf-Freestyle, Wave and Big Air.

When do I know if I got at spot for the competition?

As soon as pre-registration is closed, the start list will be published on the website an all riders will be informed if they got a spot or not.

What is a seeding list and where can I find it?

The World Tour Ranking is based on all results a rider achieved during the current year, while the results of the last four competitions are counting for the seeding list. This can also include results from the previous year.

Where can I find all important information concerning the event?

Before the event, you will find all important information in the Race Notice and on the webpage Events – GWA Wingfoil World Tour For any further questions please contact our Assistant Tour manager Liam – liam@globalwingsportsassociation.org

During the event, you will be informed by WhatsApp and you will find all current information concerning next announcement, next possible start, Heat order, results… on the Notice Board at the event site.

Where can I find travel information and recommendations for accommodation?

You will find information about travel and accommodation in the Race Notice, which is published on our website latest four weeks before the event.

How much does it cost to compete in a World Cup?

The entrance fee is 80 € per discipline. After confirmation of participation, you will receive a payment link. Furthermore, it’s mandatory for all competitors to hold a valid GWA membership.

How do I become a member of GWA?

You become a member of GWA by paying the current membership fee. Together with your confirmation of participation in a World Cup you will receive a payment link that must be used for the payment. Please note that you can choose between a one-event-membership (80 €) and a full-year-membership (160 €). For riders competing in Youth Events and Wildcard holders different fees apply.

What kind of insurance do I need as competitor?

All riders need a personal medical insurance with worldwide coverage. Aside from that, The GWA membership includes athletes’ insurance for accident and third-party liability during the competition. Benefits are only provided in accordance with the current ERAG insurance policy. Please note that the insurance is only valid for riders not competing in their country of residence. Local riders are not insured through their GWA membership

Will there be published any images and / or video clips of me during the competitions?

Yes, there will be published images and video clips of riders during the event. That’s why all riders must grant permission and sign a consent form “use of data, images, audio and video recordings” before each event.

What does the organizer’s insurance “Battleface” cover?

The insurance is only valid for riders not competing in their country of residence. It includes athletes’ insurance for accident and third-party liability during the competition. Please note that benefits are only provided in accordance with the current ERAG insurance policy. The GWA Wingfoil World Tour, the GKA Event GmbH, the Global Wingsports Association cannot held liable for any legal and/or financial liability, losses, damages, which might occur from the participation in the competition/event.

Press & Media

How do I sign up for the newsletter?

To stay updated with the latest news and happenings, simply visit our website at https://www.wingfoilworldtour.com/newsletter/ and provide your details.

How often will I receive the newsletter?

You’ll receive our informative newsletter just in time before every event, and you’ll also get daily updates during every competition.

Where can I find image material for press work?

For your press-related needs, low resolution images featuring our logo from all competitions can be downloaded free of charge at www.wingfoilworldtour.com/riders/ Username and password: gwa

If you need a high-quality images without any logos please send an email to rasa@globalwingsportsassociation.org

How can I register as a local journalist for an event?

To be a part of our media coverage team during an event, kindly send an email to info@globalwingsportsassociation.org, and your email will be forwarded to the respective team member.

How can I apply to the World Tour to become a part of the media team (photographer, videographer)?

If you have a passion for capturing extraordinary moments through photography or videography, we’d love to see your work. Please share your portfolio with our Media Director, Rasa, at rasa@globalwingsportsassociation.org, and we’ll be in touch with exciting opportunities to join our dynamic media team.

Event organizers and sponsors

What conditions and requirements must be met in order to host a GWA Wingfoil World Cup?

If you are interested in hosting a GWA Wingfoil World Cup, please visit our webpage www.wingfoilworldtour.com to learn more about suitable spots, disciplines and general requirements. You are welcome to contact our Head Office info@globalwingsportsassociation.org to get in touch with our World Tour Manager Tom Hartmann and our CEO Dr. Jörgen Vogt.

What kind of advertising packages does the GWA Wingfoil World Tour offer?

We offer advertising packages for the whole GWA Wingfoil World Tour as well as for single events. For further information please contact our Marketing Director Bernhard Ritzer bernhard@globalwingsportsassociation.org or send an email to info@globalwingsportsassociation.org

How can I become an event sponsor?

The conditions vary from event to event, so please contact info@globalwingsportsassociation.org for further information.

How can I book an exhibition and presentation stand at GWA Wingfoil World Tour events?

Usually, the local organizer is responsible for the allocation and booking of stands. Please send an email to info@globalwingsportsassociation.org for further information.