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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the official name of the tour?

The official name of the tour is GWA Wingfoil World Tour. Within the tour, competitions are held in two disciplines: Surf-Freestyle and Race.

What’s the official title of the winners of the world tour?

The tour winner will have the official title GWA Wingfoil World Champion.

How many World Cups per discipline can we expect per year?

There will be no more than eight events per discipline per year. Want to know which World Cups are scheduled for this year? Click here to go to the Event Calendar.

Where can I sign up for a GWA Wingfoil World Cup?

You can find the link to the registration form on the page of the event you want to sign up for. Click here to go the event overview.

Or you can contact the GWA Tour Manager Tom Hartmann: tom@globalwingsportsassociation.org

Do I need insurance to compete in a World Cup event?

Yes, you need health insurance with international coverage.

When can I expect the Race Notice for an event to be published?

The Race Notice is always published four weeks prior to the World Cup. You can download the Race Notice from the event page of the event you’ve signed up for. Click here to go to the events overview.

If you have any more questions about the GWA Wingfoil World Tour please use our contact form to send an e-mail!