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GWA Youth Wingfoil World Tour

The GWA is proud to continue with its One-Stop GWA Youth World Tour Championships for 2024.

With last year’s event successfully taking place in La Palma, Spain, the GWA is once again proud to be returning here for the second Youth World Championships. The Youth World Championships is the equivalent of the GWA Wingfoil World Tour for young riders wanting to compete in Surf-Freestyle and FreeFly-Slalom disciplines gaining experience in international competition formats.

All GWA Wingfoil World Tour events will be held according to the official GWA Wingfoil World Tour Rulebook, and judged by a GWA licensed judge.

The GWA Youth Wingfoil World Cup event is run under the event-organizer’s administrative-, safety-, legal-, financial-, tax-, logistic-, and organizing responsibility only. The GWA Wingfoil World Tour, legally run by the GKA Event GmbH, cannot be held liable for any losses in connection with the GWA Youth Wingfoil World Cup event. The event-organizer is obliged to judge the competitions in accordance with the GWA Wingfoil World Tour rulebook. The GWA Wingfoil World Tour is neither responsible for the right usage and application of the rulebook nor for the judging itself. In case the event will be cancelled because of reasons not under the responsibility of the GKA Event GmbH, neither the GWA Wingfoil World Tour nor the GKA Event GmbH can be hold legally responsible for any financial losses or damages.

GWA Youth Wingfoil World Tour 2024

DATE: 27th – 30th June 2024
REGISTER: Registration will open 2 months before the start date. Please find further information by using the event page link below.

Event Page: Click here

Rulebook: Download