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GWA Wingfoil European Championships Brest Event Wrap Up

  • Surf-Freestyle and FreeFly-Slalom GWA Eurpean Champions are crowned in Brest, France.

  • On Friday we completed the full Surf-Freestyle discipline

  • Five full FreeFly-Slalom eliminations were completed for the men and 13 for the women.

Brest has proved to be spectacular location providing optimal conditions for the seven day event. We crowned our new GWA Wingfoil European Champions for both disciplines.

Words: Gemma Hamaini
Images: Christian Guzman

Women’s Surf-Freestyle Discipline

We saw some amazing action from our female athletes in this discipline in Brest, including the first ever back-flip landed by a female at a GWA competition by Orane Ceris. 

The final Surf-Freestyle results for the women are:

1st – Orane Ceris (FRA)

2nd – Flora Artzner (FRA)

3rd – Sonia Le Bouteiller (FRA)

4th – Charlotte Baruzzi (ITA)

Women’s FreeFly-Slalom Discipline

We completed 13 FreeFly-Slalom eliminations for the women, allowing 3 discards in total. Flora Artzner has proved to be unstoppable this week, winning 12 of the eliminations. Orane Ceris has been close behind her the whole way, proving her capabilities in this discipline as well as in the Surf-Freestyle. 

The final FreeFly-Slalom results for the women are:

1st – Flora Artzner (FRA)

2nd – Orane Ceris (FRA)

3rd – Charlotte Baruzzi (ITA)

4th – Sonia Le Bouteille (FRA)

Men’s Surf-Freestyle Discipline

This week we saw Bastien Escofet claim his first-ever Surf-Freestyle title, with Alan Fedit pushing close behind him after his last event win in Leucate. We have seen incredible progress during every event this year, with the Surf-Freestyle discipline evolving at a rapid rate.

Men’s surf-freestyle final results:

1st Bastien Escofet (FRA)

2nd Alan Fedit (GER)

3rd Camille Bouyer (FRA)

4th Francesco Cappuzzo (ITA)


Men’s FreeFly-Slalom Discipline

We completed five full eliminations for the men this week in Brest, with one discard. Bastien Escofet had a successful week winning three of the five eliminations, Titouan Galea winning one, and Alan Fedit winning another.

The final results for the FreeFly-Slalom discipline for the men are:

1st – Bastien Escofet (FRA)

2nd – Francesco Cappuzzo (ITA)

3rd – Camille Bouyer (FRA)

4th – Benjamin May (GER)

Brest has offered up optimal conditions for this week of competition. We would like to thank all of the riders, organisers, sponsors and spectators for an incredible event.

Find out more about  the GWA Wingfoil European Championship Brest here.

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