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How to compete in a World Cup

Dear rider,

please note that the spots in all Wingfoil disciplines are limited and that new riders have to qualify to enter a World Cup. If you want to compete in a GWA event, please follow these steps:


  1. Check the current World Tour Calendar at Events – GWA Wingfoil World Tour and choose an event you would like to compete in.

  2. Wait until pre-registration for the event opens. Normally pre-registration opens 10 weeks before the event and closes 4 weeks later.
  3. As soon as the pre-registration is open, you can register through the GWA Rider’s App. Please open a user account at GWA RidersAPP (wingfoilworldtour.com) by clicking on “register a new membership”. Afterward you can login to your account with your email address and your password, choose your favourite event and press the “register”-button. To complete your registration, you must upload 4 videos showing 4 different tricks. Videos must not be edited and please not in POV (point of view) mode.


As soon as pre-registration is closed, you will be informed by email if you got a spot for the event or not. If you didn’t get a spot, do not get discouraged and try again!

If you got a spot, please follow the further steps described in the email and note that it’s mandatory for all riders to pay the entrance fee, to hold a valid GWA membership and to sign the consent form.

Last but not least: Don’t forget to read the Race Notice and the GWA Rulebook very carefully! You can find the links for these on the event webpages.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at GWA Wingfoil World Tour very soon. If you have any further questions, please contact info@globalwingsportsassociation.org