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Tarifa Wing Pro | Day Three

29th of December, 2021

Report Gemma Hamaini  Photos Samuel Cardenas

Day Three of the Tarifa Wing Pro was all about the tow-in action, as we ran an expression session in the waves whilst the athletes and crew waited for the wind to arrive. 

A total of 18 athletes signed up to participate in the tow-in competition, and we saw some amazing surfing from riders such as young gun Malo Guenole, Titouan Galea from New Caledonia, Kane de Wilde from USA and Italian Riccardo Zorzi. The crowds were lined up on Balneario Beach enjoying all of the action. 

Malo Guenole stole the win with some amazing surfing, great wave selection, and impressive back-flip to finish off the session. 

“It was a really fun tow-in session,” said Malo. “The waves were closing a bit, but it was super fun with all the riders. There is no wind today, so this was the best alternative.”

During the downtime this week, we spoke with Olivia Piana, one of our top female riders on tour, about how wingfoiling is evolving, and why she loves it so much. 

“I believe wingfoiling will become the biggest water sport ever,” explained Olivia. “You can foil in any conditions, you don’t need big waves or strong wind. You can go out on a lake, on a river, and in the sea of course. There are so many disciplines and so many ways to enjoy the sport.I like this sport because you can never be lazy with it.”


It was a long but productive day, and the athletes managed to make the most of the no-wind situation, and enjoy the conditions that Tarifa dished up. 

Tomorrow will be the last day of competition, and we will be crowning our new 2021 Wingfoil World Champions. The skipper’s meeting has been called for  8am with the first possible start at 8.30am.

Image for The 2021 GWA Wingfoil World Tour Champions

The 2021 GWA Wingfoil World Tour Champions

It has been an incredible first year of the GWA Wingfoil World Tour, and we are delighted to present to you our new Champions!

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Image for Tarifa Wing Pro | Final Day

Tarifa Wing Pro | Final Day

Luck was on our side for the final day of competition of the Tarifa Wing Pro, where we managed to complete the full Surf-Freestyle discipline, Race discipline and ended the day crowning our new GWA Champions.

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Image for Tarifa Wing Pro | Day Two

Tarifa Wing Pro | Day Two

Day Two of the GWA Tarifa Wing Pro saw the near-completion of Men’s Round 3 for the Surf-Freestyle discipline.

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Image for Tarifa Wing Pro | Day One

Tarifa Wing Pro | Day One

There are a total of 6 women and 31 men registered to compete in the Surf-Freestyle discipline here in Tarifa, for this 2nd edition of the Tarifa Wing Pro. Balneario beach is once again the perfect chosen location for this final GWA World Tour event of the season.

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