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What’s Next For Women in Wingfoiling

What’s Next For Women in Wingfoiling

The GWA is thrilled to have had a successful 2021 and we are pumped that so many women are participating. More and more female riders are getting into the sport and we are 100% for it!

In this article, we break down why you should try winging, what’s coming up for women in competition, and the riders you should be following on tour.

Why you should try wingfoiling.

One of the most common proclamations (made by both men and women) is how intimidating windsports are. Kiteboarding looks scary and the lines, harness and “loads of gear”, can feel like too much to overcome for newbies in the sport. 

This is where winging shines! Wingfoiling does not require any lines or harnesses. The minimal amount of gear makes the sport feel less challenging. 

Additionally, you can pump your wing in a relatively small area and access points to the water feel more doable. It can be less scary than other windsports. 

If you’re a lady, looking to get into the sport, there has never been a better time! Almost equal numbers of men and women are attempting to learn and therefore the camaraderie is genuine and heartfelt. According to Eva Wyss, “here in Switzerland, almost half of the wingers are women. This water sport feels light, like a butterfly dancing on the water.”

What’s Going Well:

No matter what level you are at, competition and riding with others pushes you out of your comfort zones. 

“It may be the greatest experience you’ve had in a long time or it also can be your biggest fail. I still remember when I did my first competition in windsurf freestyle. I knew I wouldn’t be the best, but I felt confident and was well prepared. I even took a couple of weeks off work to focus on the competition. I didn’t land any tricks in either of my heats, resulting in zero points. It was a nightmare. I couldn’t sleep that night.

But hey, nobody – not the riders nor my friends – were disappointed. Literally, all of them encouraged me to try it again. Maybe you won’t be able to show your moves either. But certainly, you will progress, both sport-wise and mentally.“-Eva Wyss

This year, the GWA has four events with over 100 competitors. 

The community is awesome and we are fostering a passionate connection with wingers from all over the world, who share the stoke together on the water.

What We’re Working On:

For our first full year on tour, the GWA has been focused on:

  1. Securing prize money and establishing competition formats.
  2. Developing a tour that will be accessible to a broad group and promote riders from an array of backgrounds
  3. Promoting Wingfoiling!

The GWA recognizes that there are still unequal numbers of male and female competitors and we are committed to:

  1. Fostering a fair and equitable competition
  2. Showing more women in the media

2022 Plans!

The future is bright for women in wingfoiling! With almost equal numbers of men and women on the water, we’re looking forward to bigger, more equal and more inclusive competitions and events. 

The beauty and freedom of watersports will continue to inspire generations to come!

Women to watch on tour:

Eva Wyss

Flora Artzner

Marion Mattia

Olivia Piana

Marcela Witt

Bowien Van der Linden

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