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GWA Wingfoil Race Class Equipment Regulations

All equipment that is raced is production equipment with a minimum run of 50 pieces and a set cut off date for production and all details are in the Class Rules. This enables all riders to compete on more of an even budget and means anyone can compete as the equipment is easily available. If any equipment is damaged it can be repaired or replaced as long as it is registered. Each piece of equipment will have a serial number on it.

Class Rule PDF document (TBC)


Only 5 wings may be registered per season they must be symmetrical and can be any size they must carry the size on the wing, have a leading inflatable edge and can have handles or a boom to hold onto- every wing must have a leash that is attached to the rider at all times.

Boards – Hulls

Only 2 hulls may be registered per season and a minimum weight of 3kg. Additional footstrap plugs may not be added.

Foils – Hull Appendges

Only 3 systems may be registered per season with a minimum weight of 3kg

  • Masts must be no longer than 115cm – 3 of
  • Front wing no smaller than 700cm2 – 3of
  • Rear wing no smaller than 150cm2 – 3of
  • Fuselage no longer than 100cm – 3 of


Harness lines and harness may be used. Helmets are mandatory. It is recommended that an impact vest is used – All changes to any of these will be in the Notice of Race for each event

Approved registered equipment

Equipment limitations in the discipline “Race” at GWA Race Class events as well as GWA Wingfoil World Tour events are following the GWA Wingfoil World Tour Rulebook (click here) only.

For 2021 season (until 31.1.2022) competitors may use any equipment, however in 2022 season (from 1.2.2022) a box rule is being introduced which will limit equipment to registered production equipment with set limitations on size that is available to any rider through the normal retail networks.

Equipment registration

To register equipment please send an e-mail to richard@globalwingsportsassociation.org.