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La Franqui, Leucate, France

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The GWA is thrilled to have had a successful 2021 (so far!) and we are pumped that so many women are participating. More and more female riders are getting into the sport and we are 100% for it! Check out our latest article, where we break down why you should try winging, what’s coming up for women in competition, and the riders you should be following on tour.


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Meet @loukapitot ⚡️
"I started wingfoiling after I got into surf foiling. I saw @titouan_galea wingfoiling a few times, and I asked him if I could try it out. Ever since, I fell in love with wingfoiling and I really look forward to spending more time riding waves. In freestyle, I look up to Balz and Titouan and try to replicate some of the moves they do. So far my plans are to continue pushing in kiteboarding, as well as try to compete in as many wingfoil events as possible." - says Louka. 

Learn more about Louka and other riders on our website: www.wingfoilworldtour.com #globalwingsports #wingfoil #wingsurf #wingsurfing #gwa #wingfoilworldtour #gwawingfoil
We are curious to know, how many of you love riding waves? 
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Meet @marius_auber ⚡️
"Basically, I started this sport after my brother @tomauber tried winging and he made me want to try it as well. Firstly, I started surf foiling, surfing and windsurfing and then I discovered wingfoiling. I immediately loved it because I could surf, jump or even do downwinds with the same gear. I learn new moves by doing them as many times as possible at the same session. My brother and I try to ride together and motivate each other me to try out new tricks. So far I'd like to continue to have fun with the wing, discover beautiful spots with great waves, and continue to compete in France and abroad." - says Marius.

Learn more about Marius and other riders on our website: www.wingfoilworldtour.com #globalwingsports #wingfoil #wingsurf #wingsurfing #gwa #wingfoilworldtour #gwawingfoil
Did you know that you can list your NATIONAL WINGFOIL EVENT on www.wingfoilworldtour.com website?

Click the link in our bio, fill in the form and get your event listed on our website.

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Meet @bowienvanderlinden ⚡️
"I started wingfoiling because my father and I wanted to do a sport where we could be in the water with light wind conditions. Then I found out that it's not only a great light wind but also strong wind activity. I am currently focusing mostly on freestyle, I really love pushing myself to learn new moves and getting better and better! My goal is to keep my No.1 position in the women's freestyle discipline." - says Bowien.
Learn more about Bowien and other riders on our website: www.wingfoilworldtour.com
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Contest dates

28th April – 2nd May 2021





La Franqui, Leucate


€ 7.000,-



International TV Coverage




Prevailing winds

Tramontana (known for it’s strong and offshore wind that can gust to 40 knots) & Marin (known for light to moderate side onshore seabreeze)

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Pre-Registration Dates

March 4th - April 6th 2021


Registration is closed. For questions please contact the Tour Manager Tom Hartmann at tom@globalwingsportsassociation.org