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Tarifa, Spain

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Meet @flo_artz ⚡
"I started wingfoiling 10 months ago, as I was seeing my windsurfing friends enjoying it so I was excited to try this new sport! When I'm winging, I feel free! I love the "flying" sensation and the possibility to do everything with the same gear: wave riding, jumping or just cruising. My goals right now are progressing in freestyle and waves, sharing great moments on the water and exploring new places on the wingfoil!" - says Flora. Learn more about Flora and other riders on our website: www.wingfoilworldtour.com #globalwingsports #wingfoil #wingsurf #wingsurfing #gwa #wingfoilworldtour #gwawingfoil
Meet @julienbouyer ⚡
"I started wingfoiling with my brother Camille because both of us love all water sports and the ocean! I can speak about “training” but I prefer to say “riding” because for me having fun in the water is the most important thing, mostly with this new sport which has a real freeride spirit. I particularly like strong winds and big waves. Currently, I’m working on tricks which make the helmet useful haha” - says Julien. Learn more about Julien and other riders on our website: www.wingfoilworldtour.com #globalwingsports #wingfoil #wingsurf #wingsurfing #gwa #wingfoilworldtour #gwawingfoil
So you want to learn how to wing foil? We get it. You want to join the frenzy that is wing foiling. There are many reasons why you might want to wingfoil; you want to impress your significant other, you want to learn to ride swell, you’re bored and want to try something new. You’ve come to the right place– we’re here to give you everything you need to know about learning to wingfoil.  We’ve wrote a handy dandy guide about everything you need to know about learning to wingfoil, from choosing an instructor to buying gear. Click the link in our bio to read the complete guide! 📸: @samuucardenas #globalwingsports #wingfoil #wingsurf #wingsurfing #gwa #wingfoilworldtour #gwawingfoil"
Meet @hugo.marin___ ⚡
“I started wing foiling as an alternative sport to kitesurfing because there are no waves at my home spot, and after trying it I was totally hooked. What motivates me the most in this sport is being able to ride dozens of waves in one session, be without the wing in pure surf, or use the wing to jump off the waves.“ Learn more about Hugo and other riders on our website: www.wingfoilworldtour.com #globalwingsports #wingfoil #wingsurf #wingsurfing #gwa #wingfoilworldtour #gwawingfoil
Pro freestyle kitesurfer @paulanovotna, one of the most dedicated off-the-water athletes says that downwind pumping is no joke. “Pumping on the foil is exhausting! It’s like a burner and workout for your legs so for sure, being fit on the water helps with every kind of Watersport.” - she says. If it tires someone as fit as Paula, it is most likely is a recipe for spaghetti legs for the rest of us. So we better get training!
📸: @samuucardenas #globalwingsports #wingfoil #wingsurf #wingsurfing #gwa #wingfoilworldtour #gwawingfoil

GWA Tarifa Wing Pro 2020

The Tarifa Wing Pro will be the last event of 2020, hosted in Europes famous watersport capital of Tarifa in Andalucia, Spain. The event will run at the spot of Balneario, close to the harbour and old town of Tarifa and provide the perfect stage for an action packed Wingfoil World Tour event.

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27 – 30th December 2020











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December 4th - 15th 2020


Registration is closed. For questions please contact the Tour Manager Tom Hartmann at tom@globalwingsportsassociation.org